Being Alone Isn’t Always Bad

Being alone and feeling alone are two very different things. I think being alone means to me when I am not around anyone. It means I am just doing my thing and being with myself. Feeling alone is such a hard feeling, especially for those who have depression and anxiety. It can mean we don’t feel like we have anyone to talk to or visit.

It is such a hard thing for people to come to terms with even if there are people in their lives. With everything going on in the media about Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain, it haunts me that these magical people may have felt alone. With the constant glazing over mental health and suicide in the press, I feel this doesn’t let celebrities know they don’t have to be okay all the time. People suffer from so many different things and it secludes us sometimes, driving us to think we are alone with what we’re dealing with.

Onto today’s topic, I wanted to talk about being alone and how sometimes, a little you time is all you need. Obviously, I am not going to straying away from the topic of feeling alone as that will be in this post as well.


It is always a strange feeling being alone. I live with 3 boys and when I’m alone, I feel my mind can rest. I feel I can be myself and find the thing I want to do and be calm. It is really calming to be alone sometimes and especially when brainstorming, it helps a lot.

Being alone doesn’t have to mean you’re alone all of the time and every day. It can be a few hours a day. If you live with people you need some time to yourself and I think being alone helps calm the mind and put you back into the room in a better mood. You don’t have to dwell on thoughts, you can just relax and be happy.

I have come up with a list of things you can do when you’re alone to help yourself relax and get back into your mindset.

  • Read a book
  • Listen to music
  • Do a face mask
  • Experiment with makeup
  • Read a blog
  • Nap
  • Light a candle and relax
  • Play a video game
  • Colour
  • Draw
  • Dance
  • Write
  • Watch your favourite movie
  • Make something to help motivate you e.g. a placard you hang above your desk
  • Pamper yourself
  • Play an instrument

Now feeling lonely is a whole different plate. I feel lonely at times when I’m sad and I feel I can’t talk to anyone about it. A lot of people feel this way and it affects some people in ways that lead to them taking their own life. If someone feels like they have no one to talk to and they feel because what they’re feeling isn’t talked about enough, then it can turn into something bigger and serious.

Mental Health and suicide is not talked enough throughout the whole world. I feel because of this, others feel they cannot talk about it themselves because other people don’t and they don’t know how to respond when someone is feeling lonely and down.

In this day and age, feeling lonely isn’t just a part of some people’s lives, it can be a thing that they think about every day. I hate just thinking that Kate Spade or Chester Bennington felt so alone they couldn’t take it anymore. It may not be because of this but we will never know.

The fact that people feel so lonely each and every day hurts my heart. I wish I could do more and there are people you can talk to, professionals if you are thinking about ending your life or if you just need someone to talk to. The numbers and websites that I think are the best are below but I know some people just can’t pick up the phone and call a random counsellor for help.

sunset hands love woman

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Some people know about the numbers and still won’t call. I think this is just awful that they have to feel like this. They don’t want help and it really does hit close to home and hurt my heart. If you are feeling down or suicidal, please call someone or do something to take you away from the edge. You are loved and you are wanted in this world. I want you in this world even if I may not know you. My Twitter DM’s are always open if anyone wants to talk.

I have been through stuff like this myself and I hate to think other people are thinking the way I did over a year ago.

Helplines and Websites:



I hope this post was helpful to anyone who is worried about being alone or feeling alone. I am always around for a chat, so just pop up in my Instagram or Twitter DM’s. I love each and every one of you. Stay strong for me.

Till Next Time,


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10 thoughts on “Being Alone Isn’t Always Bad

  1. BriN says:

    Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade really shook me. It is scary as well is really hurtful. Thank you being so lively an taking time to post somehing so important in today’s world. Xxxx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. thatfeelinginside says:

    Amazing post gal, really enjoyed it! There is such a big difference between being alone and feeling alone! You can feel alone in a room full of people sometimes unfortunately but definitely agree with you the importance of being alone sometimes xxxx

    Liked by 1 person

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