May Favourites

Hello! It’s been a while! I have been ill the past week and haven’t been able to write or do anything blog related but I am finally back and it’s the end of May which means another favourites post! I don’t have as many as other months but there are a few that I have loved throughout this month!



I was approached by BlackBetty for a review and honestly, I love their store so much. I will be posting a full post on them next month but I have fallen in love with these Sunglasses. Now that the sun is out more, I needed some snazzy on-trend sunnies and these gave me the sassiness I needed! They only cost me £2 as well! That’s the best thing about BlacckBetty, they sell things 70-90% off the original price and they sell high-quality items! If you’re looking for cheap clothes and accessories then check out BlackBetty!

Ted Baker Spray


I got this for Christmas and I didn’t use it until I ran out of my So one which I talked about in last month’s Favourites. I absolutely have fallen for this scent. It is musky but sweet and it is just so brilliant! It is body spray and you can still buy it I think! If you’re looking for a new body spray, check these mini’s because they’re amazing!



We’re moving house next month and it means I will finally be living with Jack, aka I will have my own room as well! With that, I wanna put more photos up and Prinitki gave me the chance to try out their service. I love photo walls and they give the room some life and sometimes when using services, they don’t come out as you want. Prinitiki is really high quality and you can print them in a way in which you can use any photo. 

They have a lot of styles to choose from and I was so happy with the quality and how fast the delivery was, I will be using them for the rest of my photos! Be sure to check them out for cheap and high-quality prints!

Trailer Park Boys


Jack fell in love with this in April and I thought I would watch it. Bad mistake. I binged all 12 seasons within two weeks and overtook Jack who was watching the last season. I am now obsessed with TPB. I have watched nearly everything on Netflix from them. I love the show so much and it is such a witty and funny show about a Trailer Park. If you’re looking for something to laugh at, look no further!

Tayna Burr Cosmetics Glitter


I had never used glitter before using this. I was getting ready one night and I wanted to stand out a little more and so I found the glitter I had from the 12 Days of Christmas box Tanya did and used it. I was astounded I hadn’t tried it before! It is amazing! It adds the right amount of sparkle with a tiny bit! I use this on the inner corner of my eyes and a tiny bit on top of my highlight to add the right amount of sparkle! I will definitely be taking it on holiday to give my skin extra shine!

Music This Month

This month for my music hasn’t been as jam-packed as I thought it would be! I mainly stuck to the top songs! I loved a bit of music this month which you can listen to below:

There are some songs from last month that I couldn’t just get out of my head but my Top Three songs for this month are:

3. My My My! – Troye Sivan

Image result for my my my cover


I haven’t really listened to Troye Sivan since Blue Neighbourhood and I’m really into this song. I haven’t had a chance to listen to his new album but I will definitely like it if there are songs as catchy as this! I really like the beat of the song as well, it isn’t a club song but I listen to this while I am writing and chilling out.

2. Call Me – NEIKED, MIMI

Image result for Call me neiked cover


This is definitely one of my summer songs already! It is so funky and good to dance to. I love the beat of the chorus and it just a feel-good song!

1. Freaky Friday (feat. Chris Brown) – Lil Dicky

Image result for freaky friday cover


Just gonna state her: I do not like Chris Brown at all for what he did to Rihanna. I do however love this song and I try to block out that he is in the song. It is a cool funky song with a funny video. Definitely, have played it over a hundred times this month.

So there are my May Favourites and I am finally back from being ill! I am so happy to be back and I am excited about next month! It will be filled with stuff getting ready for Barcelona and I can’t wait for you to see what I have for you guys!

Till Next Time,


10 thoughts on “May Favourites

  1. thatfeelinginside says:

    Glad you’re feeling better baba! Blackbetty sounds fab! £2 for those sunnys is fab, theyre lush! Omg mate, i’m so glad it’s not just met that was OBSESSED with freaky friday lol. Was finding it hard at first bc i hate chris brown but the song is so funny and catchy xxx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. tarini says:

    i love these songs! troye’s second album comes out on august 31st but he’s already released bloom, animals and the good side which are all very catchy! you should check them out if you haven’t already ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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