Spring Clean your Health with Chemist

It’s Spring which means it’s nearly time to get that Summer body ready for the sun, holidays and well, getting the legs out to tan! I teamed up with Chemist to show you guys how I am getting my health in check this spring and my body ready for the summer! All the products I will be talking about in this post are linked as well!

This is not a sponsored post, I was given these products for free in return for a post!

Mudd Mask


To start off my spring clean of my health, I got this Mudd mask and I normally just get the peel off masks but this looked really nice and I thought I would give it a go. It helped my skin by cleansing it and got my face ready for bed. It kick-started my night routine and helped me clear up some patches on my face. They sell a 10 pack on the website and I definitely recommend getting some of these to have on in the bath.

Westlab Himalayan Salt

westlab salt

I love the way you can add salt to your bath to smooth your skin and I was super excited to get this. It is such a good in the bath and it has helped my dry skin become more smooth and I feel like I can show my legs this summer! It is so cheap as well so if you want to get your legs out this summer but you don’t think they aren’t smooth enough, Try this! You can even use this in a foot bath! This salt is a saviour if you need to cleanse your skin! It helps smooth the roughness and makes your legs look so radiant!

Vitanorm Anti-Oxidant Night Face Cream

vitanorm face cream

This is my new secret to get a healthy glow in the morning! I picked this up as I don’t live Nivea’s night cream and it has Vitamin C in it so I thought I would give a go to kick start my glow for the summer. It works so well! It helps keep my face soft and smooth and makes my skin radiant with the Vitamin C in it! I love it that much that I am nearly out of it. I use it every night!

Inecto Coconut Hair Serum


You may have done masks on your hair and made it feel and smell really good but this serum is something else. I have to wash my hair every other day and I have a lot of split ends but this has made the ends of my hair shine and It feels strong. I love the way it makes my hair feel and you only need a bit to slather the end of your hair with. It honestly so good and I am definitely taking this on holiday with me to keep my hair soft and Instagram worthy!

Palmers Cocoa Butter


I think everyone has tried Palmer’s before me but I only knew of it and hadn’t tried it so when this post was in the works, I decided to get it on the chemist website. This combined after using the salt in the bath is a dream come true. I have really dry skin on my legs and with the 24 Hour Moisture it promises on the bottle, it really does work. After shaving, this makes my legs look so nice and golden. Not tanned but they have a healthy glow to them. I honestly recommend anyone who hasn’t tried Palmers to get some because it is the best thing for dry skin and it has helped me spring clean my winter legs away and welcomed in the new set of glowing legs I apparently now have because of this!

Clearasil Rapid Action Treatment 


I have never tried Clearasil till I got this because I was starting to break out and this is now my saviour if I have spots before a night out. They go down so quickly and I am buzzed for any time I need to use this now. If you are starting to break out and you need to get rid of them at any time, I advise getting this. It is the best spot treatment I have tried! It is so cheap as well and it can come in handy if you’re going on a date or going on holiday.

Garnier Miracle Eye Cream

eye cream

I have never tried eye creams before so when I put this in my basket, I was very sceptical because I have never found anything that helps my bags and dark circles and I normally have to use a colour correcting concealer under a normal concealer to cover the darkness there. I was sceptical at first about this but it has worked a treat for my under eyes. I rarely have to use my colour correcting concealer and it has helped a lot with my bags. It makes my eyes look like I have had a good nights sleep! If you wanna get those bags and dark circles gone, try this!

Beauty Formulas Cleansing Nose Strips


I don’t know about you but I love the feeling of peeling a nose strip off and seeing stuff has come out of your pores. It is so hard to find good nose pore strips and although these are not on the website anymore (or I can’t find them at least), the ones linked are good as well. These ones work really well and it does hurt to pull them off but that means they’re doing a good job right? These are the best ones I have tried so far and I definitely recommend these to anyone who wants to clear their nose pores!

Natralus Australia Essential Paw Paw Ointment


Last but not least is this ointment for your lips. I love lip balms and anything that helps my chapped lips and in the spring, you need those crusty chapped lips gone and to get your summer ones ready! I think this is one of the best lip ointments I have tried and I have tried many but this is so good and smells amazing. I haven’t had chapped lips in weeks and I use this nearly every day! 

So if you wanna kick start your Spring Clean on your health and get your body ready for the summer, get the above items. They work for me and if they don’t for you, that’s fine. Everyone is different but I hope they work for you too!

Thank you again to Chemist for collaborating with me on this post. Make sure to check out their website for all the products and thousands more to help Spring Clean your health! I hope you are having a good start to the week and I will see you on Wednesday!

Till Next Time


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