The Struggle I’m Having…

Hey Guys,

I don’t know what this post is gonna turn out to be but over the last few days, I’ve struggled coming up with a post for you guys. I have products to review but that’s coming in a week or so and I was struggling to find something to write about and it hit me. The struggles of being a Blogger. Not like “when the sun goes in too early to take flat lays” but the struggles that we face day to day.

It’s a chatty post so grab a cuppa and settle down!

I don’t know about you but Blogging is hard. Like REALLY hard. It’s a tough industry and I’m not gonna lie, it gets tiring sometimes. It is an industry where you can post something and it gets views because it has something raw in it. It is literally that. I understand why people do those kinds of posts though, I have done them too. I did the post about my journey from calling myself Fat to calling myself Plus-Sized. It got a ton of views but then I did another post after that and it got like 30. This is the world we live in today and I’m not saying that it’s a bad thing but it’s tough.

I remember starting my blog, it was a tough time for me. My mum had just died and I needed an outlet. Barely anyone read it because it was just me writing about what I was feeling that day or that week. I remember writing about how I was excited about summer and all that. I may not write about that stuff anymore but the blogging game has changed. I’ve gone from writing about being excited for summer to now writing about a product that got sent to me. 

I have no clue where I am going with this post… I just feel since I started, blogging has changed me in some way. In a good way. I love what I do but it is such a tough industry to get followers and views in. You may not agree but that’s how I feel.

There’s the struggle of when to post and how much to post each week. I love seeing posts that people have taken the time to write and not written in an hour. Not going to lie, I do that sometimes because I’ve put a schedule on my shoulders on when to post. I am not giving that up, it does help me but it means I have to come up with content 3 times a week and it is tough on me.

Blogging is something I adore doing. I started doing YouTube before Blogging and I don’t post much anymore mainly because my blog does better than my YouTube channel. The struggle I find with this is that it is easier to write than to film and edit. 

If you’re a blogger, you will probably understand these struggles but I must say, I will always post a Tweet if I am not uploading that day due to whatever is happening but I feel like sometimes when I do that, no one really cares? Like because this is a small blog at the moment, I feel no one really cares when I upload?

I don’t know what this post was meant to be about but it was on my mind and I hope all this makes sense. 

I have content planned but not something I am excited about except Barcelona but that is in July. I just want to be proud of the posts I do so there won’t be a blog post on Friday. This is just so I can clear my head, get some new ideas and also finish my second year at Uni. I wanna come up with more series that you guys can take part in and I want to become a better blogger. 

I hope all this makes sense and I hope to see you next week with some beautiful content!

Till Next Time


6 thoughts on “The Struggle I’m Having…

  1. This was so real and honest and oh my gosh I feel the same! SO many of my posts that were just rambly and raw get more views than ones where I’ve put leaps and bounds more effort into and it can feel disheartening. Don’t pressure yourself to right if you’re not passionate or happy about it – your love for it is infinitely more important. I also found I only have a creative phase once every three months and just pop down lots of ideas then and then write them later on. Char // xx

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  2. Really ..You stole my words ..But mind that there are people like me who wait for your next posts and some will just adore your blogs whenever they discover ..Just keep pressing hard to get to that peoples who are waiting for your posts …Keep it up ..

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