My Week In Photos

The first week of May is over! How is it going so quickly? It doesn’t make sense! Anyway as I didn’t post on Friday, I thought I would post the photos of my week today!


night out

Monday I went out with my friends after being coerced into coming out. It was a really good night but I got too drunk and ate too much Dominoes!


gin and tonic

I didn’t take any photos on Tuesday so I’ve skipped to Wednesday! We went to the pub as we missed a pub quiz so we went and had a few drinks instead. Honestly, I found my love of Elderflower tonic water paired with Bombay Sapphire!



Thursday I didn’t really do much except Uni work and spend time with my little baby Regine! He’s also nearly a year old but he acts so much older aka eating bees he finds in the garden.



Friday was such a beautiful day. The sun was out and I was stuck inside finishing off an assignment which I submitted that day! One more to go! Anyway, the only photo I took was this one of Jack reading while I was reading too!


Saturday was so beautiful and I decided to order Doughnotts because it was a treat for Jack and me for getting through the week! They were gorgeous and I urge everyone in the Nottingham and Derby area to try them! I also took a photo of this beer and if you saw my Instagram stories, you will know why.



I started today off by having a coffee in the beautiful sun. Honestly, I am so happy the sun is out and the days are longer, it feels so nice to finally be like that. 

So there is my week in pictures! Did you get up to anything fun this week?

Till Next Time


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