April Favourites

Another month over! This month I turned 20 and I am buzzing to start my bucket for my 20’s and start them off with a bang with Barcelona in July! This month had a lot of things for me! I finished two films for Uni and I finish my second year of Uni in 11 days! I am super excited to start my summer and dedicate it to Blogging and YouTube, yes I am coming back, it has been a bitch to film when I’m bogged down with Uni work but I am coming back and there will be vlogs from Barcelona!

Anyway, April has been packed with lots of things I have loved but here are the things I loved the most! I have also linked all the products with their titles so you can buy them as well, if not the actual product then an alternative!

Lush Twilight Shower Gel


lush shower gel

Kicking off my April Favourites is this shower gel called Twilight from LUSH. Jack got it for me when I wasn’t feeling the best and couldn’t sleep properly and it is honestly one of the best I have tried from Lush. The lavender scent really stays with you and it makes feel so cosy and the scent is like a blanket around me.

The price is a bit high but for what you get, it is a good bargain. You don’t need a lot either, a little bit goes a long way! They don’t have this one on the website anymore but they may have it in store. I have put the link to Plum Rain which is another of my favourites at the top!

Revolution Highlighter – Champagne Kiss

revolution highlighter

I decided to treat myself to a new highlighter and I am so glad I did! I love Revolution highlighters and this one in Champagne Kiss is so beautiful on the skin! It isn’t too chalky and gives a nice glow! It is now part of my daily routine for makeup! I have talked a lot about Revolution (formerly Makeup Revolution) on my blog and honestly, it is one of the best drugstore brands for makeup!

Primark X Disney Marie Trinket Dish

primark trinket dish

Jack got this for me for my birthday and honestly, it is too cute! He got me a Disney Store cuddly Marie ages ago and this matches that. I love it so much! This trinket dish is petite but holds a lot of stuff. I haven’t found a proper use for it yet but when we move, it will be on my bedside table! I know I can use it for my rings when I go to bed and other things like that. As it is from Primark, it is cheap but it is good quality and I recommend one of these if you wanna add a pop of colour to your desk.

Super Mario Odyessy

super mario odyessy

Jack decided to get a Nintendo Switch and honestly, it was probably one of the best decisions he could have done. I love it! I especially love Super Mario Odyssey! I have nearly finished the game and we haven’t even had it a month! It is so good, it incorporates old Mario style into the game as well. The storyline is great and the bosses are so annoying but so good! I love this game and I don’t think this can be topped!

Superdrug Beauty Sponge

superdrug beauty sponge

I finally got a new sponge and I think I prefer this to the Real Techniques beauty sponge. I really like this Superdrug Beauty Sponge as it expands a lot and really puts the product on the face without soaking too much into the sponge. It blends my makeup out really nice and helps when I wanna set my under eyes with powder. For its price, it is honestly a dupe for the actually Beauty Blender!

Nip and Fab Body Scrub


nip and fab body scrub

I have never tried Nip + Fab before and I won a giveaway and this was with it. It is so good! It really helps gets rid of dead skin while smoothing my skin! It is sold on the US website but on the UK but there is probably an alternative on the UK site. I really like the way this smooths my skin and have been using it for my legs as they need some smoothing for the summer!

So…? Watermelon Body Spray

so watermeon body spray

I have fallen in love with this So…? Watermelon Body Spray. Honestly, it is the best smell I have found for watermelon in years! I wear it every day now because it is that good and already half a bottle is gone! I recommend this to anyone who loves the smell of artificial watermelon!

Aromatherapy Associates Rose Skin Tonic

rose skin tonic

This is a sample size of their 200ml normal bottle of tonic but I still love it. I would pay the £29 for the full size. I really like this tonic as it helps after I take my makeup off. It refreshes my skin and helps it breathe after having so much makeup on. I put it on before bed even if I don’t wear makeup that day because it helps keep my skin refreshed!

Music I’m Loving This Month!

shotgun george ezra

You can listen to my playlist above but the top three songs this month for are 3. Shotgun by George Ezra. He has a new album out and I love this song and Paradise on it. It is a song that makes me think of summer and it is a really good tune to do work to.

dan caplen

2. Flat Champagne is another song that is has a strong summer vibe. I really like the beat and it is such a good tune! I advise anyone looking for music to get for summer with, this is a must!

janelle monae

My favourite song of the month is Django Jane. Honestly, I only heard this yesterday and I’m already in love with it. Janelle Monae came out with a new album on the 27th and I only found out yesterday. She also brought out an emotional film for the album and seriously, go watch it. It is so amazing and the album is fire. I really love Pynk and Americans. I hope this album gets to No.1 as it has a lot of strong messages needed right now and the music is just amazing.

So there are my April Favourites, do you have any of the same ones as me?

Till Next Time


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