Learning 5 Languages?

I know what you may be thinking of that title, “why would anyone want to learn 5 languages?”. Well, I started learning Spanish when I was 13 and 7 years later, I can speak a lot and I wanted to learn more languages. I knew of some words in French and German but I wanted to know more!

Being a person who loves other languages, I wanted to try and learn 5 this year. This post is all about how I’m doing that and why it’s good to learn another language.

When I was posed with the question in Year 9 of “Which language do you want to do this year, French or Spanish?”, I jumped over to Spanish, I had already had two years of French and let’s just say, I really didn’t get along with it. When I started Spanish, I realised I really liked the language, I picked it up really quickly and fell in love with it. I feel it is so much easier to learn than French but that’s my opinion! 

I went on two Spanish exchanges at my school so I could speak Spanish in the country. I also took it for GCSE and honestly, I am so glad I did. Having a language in my life has helped me a lot when I need it. As Jack and I are going to Barcelona, I wanted to check some prices on a menu at a cafe and my Spanish came in handy there. I know that when we go, I will have to translate for Jack as he can only say “one beer please” in Spanish.


So this year I put myself to the challenge of trying to learn more languages as well as learning more Spanish and Duolingo, a language app helps me do that. I currently am learning Spanish, French, German, Italian and Portuguese. I find that just do a lesson a day helps me learn more words in each language. As you probably have seen from my bullet journal posts, I use a tracker to see what I do each day.

duolingo app

Duolingo helps me either from my phone or desktop with lessons about each subject of the language I’m learning. I really love the layout of the app and how easy it is easy to use. This post isn’t sponsored but I wish it was aha! 

duolingoSwitching to another language is so easy and all the languages you are learning at the top. I find this really useful as sometimes I don’t wanna learn Spanish that day and it is so quick to switch to another language. I feel Duolingo is one of the best apps I have ever tried for learning languages. The app gives you a lot of help when you’re stuck and I really appreciate that, especially when I’m stuck on something I have no clue on.


Learning a language has helped me be more confident and helped me realise that language is so important in life! If you go to another country, you should at least learn some easy phrases so you don’t have to ask them to speak English as they may not. I feel learning languages helps me become more cultured and helps me understand more about other countries. 

It is also handy if you want to study abroad or have a job where you need to speak with international clients. It is also fun to learn a new skill. 

I hope you enjoyed today post. If you are learning a language, which one?

Till Next Time


7 thoughts on “Learning 5 Languages?

  1. I wish I could learn ALL the languages! I’m intermediate in Spanish but my boyfriend is from Madrid so I’m trying to learn and practice more! Such an amazing skill to have.

    Rachel || anotherstationanothermile.com

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  2. I learnt both French and Spanish in secondary school and I hated learning them both at the same time because I always mixed them up in my exams! I started using Duolingo to relearn my French but I just don’t have the dedication, so I admire you trying to learn 5 even more!!! xx

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  3. I adore Duolingo! I have French, Norwegian and Japanese on mine at the moment. French I have been working on for a long time. Norwegian and Japanese are both newer but I’ve had Norwegian on the back burner a bit lately since Japanese is so different!

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