7 Apps To Help Your Blog

As a blogger, I love all the help I can get with apps to help me do a lot of things including scheduling, editing photos and just managing my social media so I can keep it all in check! I thought today’s post would be about sharing the apps I use to help me with my blog!

The Obvious Ones:

We all know Twitter and Instagram are the apps we use most and these are the essentials and I’m betting all the bloggers I know use both of them. They are very useful when you want to promote your blog and to gain a following from both. I think I use both of them more than Facebook because my posts reach more people if you use the right hashtags!

wordpress app

WordPress is also another obvious one. If you use a different app for the site you use e.g. Blogger, it is still an obvious one and you should have your blogging platform on your phone. It doesn’t mean you have to write your posts on there, it is helpful when you’re on the go and want to publish something but it also means you can see how people are interacting with your blog while you’re away from your computer.


canva app

Have you ever wanted to make a nice blog header, Instagram highlight cover or a blog graphic but don’t want to spend money for someone to do it for you? Canva helps with this, although it cannot do headers properly, it is a really good app for logos, Instagram highlight covers and other things like Snapchat Geofilters, photo collages and Pinterest covers. I really like how you can use this on both phone and browser and has all your saved designs on your account. This has helped me when I wanted to make something to share about my blog on Instagram and Snapchat!


polarr app

I have talked about Polarr before on my blog and I still love it. It is possibly the best free photo editor I have found over the last year. Even in the free version, you have a lot of stuff to play with and both the phone and desktop app, this is with me at all times!

Smart Post:


I am just starting to use this app but already I really like it, it helps schedule my Tweets and manage the account. I am eager to see what else it can do but it does help me when I need it!



Like Smart Post, Hootsuite is all about managing and scheduling posts. I really like the layout of this and I am hoping to keep using this. It is a really good app and it makes my life a little easier when I feel I am too busy to post at certain times. I have only just started using scheduling apps but they are making my blog side of my life that little bit easier!

So there are some of my favourite blogging apps! They help me a lot day to day and if you have any different ones, let me know!

Till Next Time


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