My Goals For April

It’s April! I can’t believe I am 20 soon already! It seems like yesterday I started Uni and now, I am about to finish my second year! Anyway, my March Goals post really helped me to complete some of them, not all of them but it was a start! 


  • Finish my book
    • I want to finish my book on blogging so I can pass on my tips to you guys! It has been in the works since December and I am looking forward to showing you guys!
  • Reach 400 WordPress followers
    • I love seeing when people follow my blog as it helps me know that people actually read what I write!
  • Do 3 more commissions
    • I love being creative and I love making things for people so if you need a new banner, media kit or header, email me or check out my services page!

media kit

  • Gain 20 Instagram followers
    • I don’t use Instagram as much as I do with Twitter but I love to post photos and hope everyone else does! 
  • Reach 2.5k followers on Twitter
    • This was a March goal for me and although I didn’t reach it then, I am hoping to reach it this month!


  • Have a perfect anniversary
    • I have never celebrated a 1 year anniversary with anyone so celebrating one year of being together with Jack is so special to me and I want it to be perfect. I don’t know how as of yet but I hope to put some stuff on my story!


  • Get out of the house more
    • This goal is a must. I spend all day at my computer writing, designing or watching Netflix, I rarely get out of the house. I used to be such a party animal as well and Jack made one of my monthly goals to go out clubbing more than once excluding my Birthday night out. I am really excited to get back to who I was but I know I can’t do 3 nights out a week like I did in the first year of Uni.


  • Finish my short films for Uni
    • In my course, we have to make 2 short films, one in a group which I am producing and one on our own. I am hoping to finish my own by the end of this month as we finish this time next month so hopefully, I can kick myself into gear and make a beautiful short film.

So there are my goals for April! Have you got any goals? Blogging or Lifestyle? 

Till Next Time


6 thoughts on “My Goals For April

  1. Good luck on all your goals! I too have never celebrated a one year anniversary but perhaps next year will be the year I do (currently single cue the next year)? I think my goal for this month is to get physically stronger by working out as I am starting to realise how weak I am and want to change that. xx

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