My Holy Grail Products So Far…

We all have those products we use over and over until they’re gone and then we buy them again. I have never had “holy grail” products but I realised I now do! So today’s post is all them! Now that I am wearing different makeup and using different skin care, I hope I can do one of these every 6 months as I like to change my routine around a bit!

PS… Liquid Foundation Brush


I don’t actually use to apply my makeup, I used to but since getting a beauty blender, I didn’t need to use it. I now use it to apply face masks. Becuase of the softness of the brush, it is smooth on my skin and it means I don’t have to wash my hands after applying a mask.

Victoria Secret Spray


This is my second bottle of this spray. I am in love with it. The smell of it is just so good, it’s fruity and sweet but its a strong smell. For £8 this was so worth it. You can buy this one and a load of other scents I think in Superdrug.

PS… Eyeliner


I have been using for about 2-3 years now and it still hasn’t disappointed in me. The colour is so strong and dark. I love the way it glides with the brush. It lasts a whole night. £1 for good mascara is such a good bargain.

Loreal Clay Face Wash


I talked about this detox wash in my January Favourites post and it is has been a staple in my skin routine! It cleans my face so well and just helps to keep my skin fresh. I love that the charcoal helps with cleaning and for under £5, this is such a bargain!

PS… Liquid Lipstick


I cannot stress how much I love this lipstick! It has been in so many posts and videos and I am just in love with it. It is nearly empty and I can’t wait to buy another. The colour is just a really nice brown nude and for £1 for a great matte liquid lipstick, you can’t go wrong.

PS… Contour Kit


This is the first ever contour kit I ever bought. I didn’t really contour before I came to Uni but I wanted to try it but didn’t want to spend a ton of money on something that may not work on me. I love this contour kit so much and when I bought it, I was a beginner with contour and this helped me learn how to contour my face properly! Definitely, recommend this to anyone wanting a cheap contour kit!

Morphe 180 Brush


The holy grail of powder brushes! I got this in January and it has been used every time I put makeup on! I love it more than any brush I have! I use it for my powder but also to blend my contour in. It’s such a good brush and it wasn’t too expensive!

Kiko Fall 2.0 Highlighter


My first highlighter! I have nearly hit pan on this because it is such a beautiful shade. I am very light skinned so the gold doesn’t really suit me but it still looks good when I put it on for a subtle highlight! I have used this so much and I’m definitely going to try to buy some more highlighters from Kiko because they’re so pigmented!

Maybelline Lipstick


I was bought this for my 17th birthday and it’s on its final legs! I love the colour and creaminess of these lipsticks! They’re so hydrating on my lips and they smell like sweets. I use to use this daily and although I don’t use it as much as I do, I use it when my lips need some hydration and some pink to them!

So those are my holy grail products! Do you have any of the same?

Till Next Time


4 thoughts on “My Holy Grail Products So Far…

  1. Hannah says:

    I really need to pick up the clay mask because I’ve heard so many people raving about it. I used to own a VS spray but they actually discontinued the scent I had so I never purchased from them again. I should probably smell some of their new range because I remember loving that spray like no other. xx

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