Photos are the Best Memories

I don’t know about you but I love to take photos. Photos mean memories and you get to keep them forever. Printing them off makes it even more special, you have a physical copy of the memory.

LaLaLab gave me the chance to try their service out in return for a review. They offer prints, photo books, calendars, magnets and much more! I chose to buy two sets of different prints which I will be talking about in this post! If you want a cheap service and amazing quality photos delivered to your doorstep and a FREE £5 to spend on LaLaLab products, keep reading!

When the package arrived, it was in a cute pink sleeve and honestly, the little drawings on it are so adorable and I love the style of the packaging, it is really modern!


Inside the sleeve was a little scratch card for the app which I will be playing soon! It also included a referral code which you can find at the bottom of this post for a free £5 credit into your LaLaLab account! There was a little piece of green coloured paper which was to make an origami crocodile! I




I would love to have a Polaroid camera but they’re so expensive and I was so happy to find these prints on the LaLaLab website! I love the look of Polaroid but with these, you can change the colour and even add text to the photo. I bought 6 of these and I have totally fallen in love with them.

The photos are memories that have happened in the past year and I am so glad I could add text to text. For 6 photos with edited text and coloured background, this came to £2.10 for all 6 photos!


I really love the way these photos were printed. They are high quality and for that price, I am astounded by how much they were for such amazing quality!



I also wanted some classic photos so I could keep with the theme of other photos of my wall. They are a little bit bigger than the vintage ones but they do not have a border or text which I also like. I do like that you can choose different sizes for these types of photos and I really like the square photos I received.


As the quality of the photos is so high, I was so happy I was able to print some off of my mum as they look really beautiful. Sometimes when you get photos printed, some can look grainy but these are in perfect condition and from what I can see, no grain in sight!

Overall I really like LaLaLab as they don’t just offer printed photos and even when you want to get photos printed, they have so many different options. I really like this company and I will be definitely using them in the future for presents! are doing a competition where you can win a £50 LaLaLab gift card.

To get your free £5 use this referral code: PG4OKRX7

I hope you enjoyed today’s post! If you wanna find out more about LaLaLab, click here!

Till Next Time


4 thoughts on “Photos are the Best Memories

  1. I remember using LaLaLab a few years ago to print off some photos of my Prom and Summer and they came within a couple of days and were such good quality – I was so impressed. Its nice to have a nice physical copy of the photos rather than a flimsy paper copy. xx

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