My Mental Health: PTSD

Hello! Today’s another Friday and you know what that means! My Mental Health Friday! Today’s post is about PTSD and A will be telling us all about the condition and how it has affected her.

What is your mental health condition?

I suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder.

How did you come to find you had your condition?

I was sexually assaulted five years ago. After, I tried committing suicide and I self-harmed I had to go and see a counsellor, I was then diagnosed.

Does it affect you in your daily life? If so, how?

No, it doesn’t affect me every day, I can have an episode whenever I feel I am in an uncomfortable position or when I have had to speak about my assault, it usually happens at night when things are quiet

Was there a point when you got help for your condition? If so, how?


If you didn’t or haven’t got help, why so?

I didn’t seek any help because I did some research and my counsellor at the time also told me that I would have to talk about my assault, I would have to relive that moment in order to get help, I was not and I am still not prepared to talk to complete strangers about the assault because they always pass judgement on how old I was when it happened.

Why do you think your condition isn’t really talked about?

I don’t think PTSD is talked about because it’s not common, it usually occurs in people who have survived in the army/places similar to those conditions. No-one knows what the trigger is because no-one’s case is ever the same so it’s hard to help. Sadly, most people commit suicide instead of seeking help, therefore, there are less and fewer cases to study to improve peoples knowledge.

Overall, why do you think there is not enough money in the NHS for people with Mental Health Conditions?

Personally, I don’t think it’s just the mental health department that isn’t getting enough income, I think the whole NHS system needs more. Mental health is being affected more because no-one wants to talk about it, “it’s not a real illness” and “the money can be spent elsewhere” – quoted from my old councillor.

Do you have any advice for those with the same condition?

My advice is to go and speak to someone because the flashbacks/vivid images you see can get so much worse, even if you just speak to a friend or family member, do not hold it all in. If talking doesn’t help, write what you see, write what you’re feeling. Once the flashbacks finish, burn the paper and remind yourself that you are not in that position anymore. Do not take pills that have not been prescribed to you, and do not feel as though ending your life will make things better because it won’t.

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5 thoughts on “My Mental Health: PTSD

    • Hannah says:

      Hi. I just wanted to say thank you for writing this post. I suffered from something very similar a few years back and although I have never actively tried to take my own life, I have taken risks with my health and often thought about it. I’m fortunate in that I don’t really get flashbacks because I was so young but I do get panic attacks whenever people get too close to me. I know I cannot fully understand what you are and what you have went through but I just wanted to say how brave I think you are and how much you are going to help other people by sharing your story and empowering other people. You’re so much stronger than you know and your life is always worth living. xx

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