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Media Kits – What to include


Another day, another post and today’s post is all about Media Kits. Since making my own and others, I have learned ways on how to include a lot of key information and well, what to include. It’s okay if you’re just starting out, a one-page media kit would be good for you. If you want two, go ahead, I won’t stop you! Below is my media kit. You will see there is a lot of information and a few photos and a chart. I will go through all of this in the post and what you should include.

First Page:

Media Kit Page 1


Name and blog URL


  • This is so the brand knows whose media kit it is and can also visit your blog without having to check back at their emails to see if you sent them the link.

About you and your blog

  • This is so the brand can get to know things about you. They can find out things about you like what you do and what your blog is about. This helps them learn what kind of person you are.

Topics you write about

  • If you write about different topics, this helps the brand know this and it also helps them if you want to work with a certain brand.

Previous Work

  • If you haven’t work with brands before, this is still okay, you just don’t have to add it in. This helps the brand see who you have worked with before.

Second Page:

Media Kit Page 2

Blog Statistics

  • Self-explanatory one. This helps to showcase your views and show the brand that you get traffic to your blog.

Social Media Following

  • This is a bummer but it is needed, most brands want to know the following you have so their product is seen in the world and therefore people will buy it. It’s annoying but it’s needed.

Services You Offer

  • With this, you can do a lot of things for brands as I have stated in my media kit above. This list can be whatever you want it to be including sponsored Social Media posts and anything you want to be in it. When brands or PR’s see this, they can see what you can do for them.

Both Pages:

At least 2 photos

  • This helps to showcase your blog photography. Showcase your best photos as you are likely to take photos of their product.

Contact details

  • This is just a thing in case you have put your media kit somewhere online and a brand finds it and wants to work with you. This gives them some information on how to contact you.

I hope this helps you make your own media kit but if you are still struggling, DM on Twitter and I can help! If you don’t want to make your own, I offer to make them for cheap prices!

Till Next Time


6 thoughts on “Media Kits – What to include

  1. Briana Andrews says:

    This is a great post. I am a RTF (radio, television, film) major / production specialization, new media minor. I am also completing a secondary program in public relations. I created a media kit which contained press releases, fact sheet, backgrounder etc. While that works great for organizations, I feel your format works great for individuals, bloggers and influencers. I’ll create a personal one using your outline … thanks a bunch.

    Liked by 1 person

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