6 Tips to Help You Start a YouTube Channel

I recently was giving tips about how to start a YouTube channel and I thought for those who do want to start a YouTube channel but don’t know how to, I would take that stress away and tell you some tips on how to start your channel. I have been uploading to YouTube for around 4 years now and I have learnt a lot of things but I am still learning!

I hope these tips will help you push yourself to create your own channel! I would love to see!

Channel Art

Before you start anything, you need to make a channel on YouTube using a Google account. From there you will be greeted with a blank header where you can input your own designs for the channel art. This can be the name of your blog. I have my nickname and my social media in mine. Channel art doesn’t just the viewer something to look at and see who you are but it spruces your channel up a little. Make sure people can see it and it is in dimensions allocated!

youtube logo


You probably watch YouTubers who have a massive setup with the best camera, microphone and lights. That really doesn’t matter and if you don’t have the money, don’t be put off by their setup. I started filming my YouTube videos on my laptop’s camera, I then got a camcorder and currently I film with a DSLR. For those who are bloggers and already have a DSLR, this is great! A DSLR gives good quality video and you don’t even need an external mic. The microphone quality within the camera of what you use may not be the best but it is good to start off with.

If you don’t have a camera but are looking to buy one, here are some of my suggestions:

Basic Recording:


If you are not looking to buy a camera or already have one, you can record on your phone. I Vlogged using my phone and a selfie stick and it wasn’t bad, the quality is not that of a camera such as the Sony or Canon but it is still good. Even filming on a camcorder or your laptop to start off can help you get confident in being on camera.


Some videos need music but some don’t. It’s up to you if you add it, I do as it keeps the video going and makes the silence in the background helpful to deal with. As YouTube is basically all copyrighted, getting background music is hard as you don’t know whether it is copyrighted or not. Below are a few channels and sites I use to find background music for my videos.


YouTube’s Audio Library

Audio Library – No Copyright Music

Music for creators


Everyone makes mistakes in their videos and to add music, you need editing software. Yes some are expensive like Premiere Pro (all platforms) and Final Cut Pro (Mac only) and if you have the money, go for it, they are some of the best editing software you can get. If you are a Mac user, you already have iMovie so utilise that. It may not be the best but it is easy to use and does a good job of doing what you want from it. I use Sony Vegas Pro and although it is on the pricey side (£500 to be exact), it is a good editing software.

If you don’t have money and you need something cheaper or free, here are my alternatives:


HitFilm Express

Movie Maker – All windows laptops and computers have this. I warn you, this is a very basic editing suite and I started out editing on this. I recommend using this to start out but it may get annoying after a while when it doesn’t do things you want it to do.


When you film your videos, you need to have a background that you always film against (if it’s not a vlog), this way you have an interesting background behind you and if it is out of focus then the audience will focus on you. I tend to change mine up at the moment because I am not uploading as much but if you have posters in the background and stuff, this will look interesting but you can also have a blank background or a coloured one like Laura Lee or Jeffree Star.


Thumbnails are the last part of making YouTube videos! You need to make sure you have an interesting thumbnail! You don’t have to add text, I do but it just has to look interesting like the one below! You can use programs like Photoshop if you have it but I use Krita (which is free to download and use) and you can get other photo editing software on the internet which is free and work really well!


So there are some of my tips on how to start a YouTube channel! I hope these help you and if they do and you start one, link me your first video! I would love to see!

Till Next Time


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