The Cleanser That Has Changed My Life

I was fortunate to be sent two products from [M] Botanicals which were the Gentle Enzyme Cleansing Powder and a small bottle of the Rejuvenating Facial Elixir and I have been using them for a few days now and already I love them.

[M] Botanicals is a vegan brand that uses plant-based products to help the skin. They do a lot of research and test a lot of ingredients for their products. I think this is going to be one of my favourite brands! I love these products already and am ready to buy all the others!

m botanicals

Although I was sent these items, my opinion is my own and honest.

Gentle Enzyme Cleansing Powder

enzyme clay powder

I have tried clay masks before but when I looked at this online, I was struck that it was a powder that you mix with warm water and clean your face with. I have never seen anything like this before.

When mixing it in, I added too much water aka I had to add much more powder and after a few tries the last few nights, I have mastered 2 parts powder,  1 part water, it is meant to be a paste which I am all for. The smell of the powder is a very strong Chamomile smell and I mean strong.

This cleanser has ripped my routine to shreds! It cleaned my face really well (I looked like an Oompah Loompa at one point) and as I am prone to redness and breakouts, it really helps to combat those. I did get a little redness when using this but I think it may have been because it’s a new product on my skin? It hasn’t come back the last few times I have used the cleanser so I am guessing my skin was adjusting to its new routine!

It is a bit on the pricey side at £25 but you do get a lot of powder, 80g to be exact and you don’t need much for one application, a teaspoon or two at most. I think for how well it does and the amount you get, this is an investment worth looking at. For those with breakouts, I do recommend this! I haven’t felt bumps on my face for a few days now and my skin feels really fresh and clean after using this!


Rejuvenating Facial Elixir

I have never used a facial elixir at all so I was excited to try this! I was sent a sample size but the normal size is £32 which I think is a massive price for an elixir but at the same time, I see why. For £32 you get, 30ml of product which isn’t too little of the product but I would have liked to see like 35/40ml but this does wonders when you leave it on overnight.

elixir 1

I have a naturally oily face and it mostly is around my nose and forehead. I was a bit hesitant to put this on because I didn’t want to add to the oils already there. I dove in any way and massaged some into my skin after using the cleanser above and it felt like heaven.

I slept with this on and didn’t wash it off till I washed my face into the morning. My face had become softer overnight and it made my face glow more. I have nearly run out of this already because I need that glow to cover up my tired face!

Overall, these both are pricey but if you need a skin boost from natural ingredients then choose [M] Botanicals! I already love these products and they are helping my skin so much!

Thank you to [M] Botanicals for sending me these two wonderful products! Again, I was sent these products but my opinion and views are all my own. This post was not sponsored.

Till Next Time


11 thoughts on “The Cleanser That Has Changed My Life

  1. This was a really good post! I’ve heard of this brand but never actually seen reviews of their products so this has given me an insight into what they’re like! Unfortunately I’ve got really sensitive skin and can get breakouts from so many different products that I have to be careful what I use!

    Jess xx

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