Bullet Journal – March 2018

It’s been about two months since I last did a post on my bullet journal and since then, I have done over 10 pages! I must say that most of the designs you will have seen, I copied from Pinterest so all credits go to them for creating a really good page and I hope I made mine as good!

If anyone knows me, I cannot draw and some of the titles on the pages are not the best but know I am upping my game to produce good titles for my pages!

TV Series Tracker and 2018 Memories (Part 1)

tv show and memories bujo page

I honestly didn’t know how to follow my language pages and although I will need to make a new page for my tracker, I forgot to leave a few pages for the rest of the year and did these two pages after it.

tv series tracker bujo page

First, we have my TV series tracker. I Have recently got really into TV series, I binged Ugly Betty in two weeks. Like what? I wanted to keep track of what I watched and what I needed to. For example, I have seen about 3 seasons of friends all together and a couple of episodes from different seasons but I wanted to know which seasons I need to catch up on. This page isn’t colourful except the red crosses in the boxes and I have no idea why. I think I wanted to leave it plain as it looks cool to me.

2018 memories bujo page

The other side is my 2018 memories part 1, this is because I had so many in January to remember, I knew I would need a few so I will need to do another one of these for April-December! I love this page so much, it reminds me of the accomplishments I have achieved over the months and it makes me think that I shouldn’t give up on what I want to do.

Blog Post and YouTube Video Ideas

blog post bujo page 1

This is one of my pages where I write down ideas for blog posts. As you can see, I have a system in place. The blank ones I haven’t done, the crossed box is the ones I didn’t complete in time, the green coloured boxes are ones I have published and there is a date in red next to the post name. I really do love these kinds of pages as I run out of ideas easily so I can look at these and either write a post that I’ve had an idea for or gain inspiration from the list.

youtube videos bujo page

Again like the blog post page, I have made sure to stick with the same key. I also changed the colour of the banner so I can distinguish the two pages. Although I do not post much on my channel at the moment, I still have ideas. I know someone will see this and maybe take those ideas and that’s okay, you go glen coco!

Movies to Watch and February Monthly Page

movies to watch bujo page

Over onto the next page, we have my Movies to watch this year page. I did copy this from Pinterest because I had no clue on how I wanted it to be. I knew I needed to add the films that were coming out this year but wanted to add some that came out last year. I hopefully, will be adding some classics to the list as well!

feb month page bujo

Over the page, we have my monthly spread for February. You have already seen my January one in my other post but this month I was kind of getting annoyed at the same old design so this is the final monthly page that has this design!

Savings and Weekly Timetable

saving bujo pageweekly timetable bujo page

The next two pages are my savings page for my camera and my week away in Barcelona in July and then I have a weekly timetable. This is to help me separate my time and plan around my lectures. It may look like there is a lot of free time but this is only a basic guide and I spend hours on end doing a certain thing to make it perfect.

Guitar Songs and Commissions

commissions bujo page

The next two pages are dedicated to my songs that I am learning on guitar and the commissions I get and when I complete them. This helps me keep track of how many commisions I do a month and how much people paid for them.

Blog Post Ideas (Part 2)

blog post bujo page 2

Next is a double page spread of my blog post ideas! I love writing my ideas as I said earlier in this post and this helps me to free the space and write whatever I want down! As you can see it is nearly full and it’s only March!

Blogging Goals 2018 (Feb-Jul 18)


Onto the next pages where this is a double page spread for my Blogging goals. I am starting to post my goals onto my blog to give inspiration and to help me get them but I wanted to set a page up where I can track them and see how well I have done throughout the year.

Monthly Start Pages


Next are two of my newest pages. I wanted to do something different this month. I wanted to track more, I wanted to make my bujo more colourful and fun for me to look at. I did this by creating a double spread to the start of the month with a log where I can write down appointments and other things happening in the month.

March Monthly Page and Sleep Log


Like I said earlier, I wanted a change to my monthly page and I decided to give another design a go for March! I did copy some parts of this off on Pinterest so I could make look beautiful but also so I could use it properly.


On the opposite page, we have my sleep log. I saw this on Pinterest and thought “I’ll give it a go”. I am loving the design of it and I did draw all of those numbers and it did hurt my eyes for about 30 minutes after! I love this tracker and I am so excited to do more!

Water and Habit Trackers


As I want to get healthier, I need to drink more water and I thought I would add this to my journal as It looks snazzy and is like my pixel page but for water!


The penultimate page of my update is my habit tracker. I know there are some things I need to do each day and I love filling in my Bullet Journal so why not combine the two? I have made sure to add things in that are necessary and making sure I eat 3 meals a day, how many glasses of water I have if I have takeout or not. This really is helping me get into a routine!

Weekly Spread


This is the final page in my Bujo update for March! This is a weekly spread! I do have a calendar which I use but I wanted to try something new this month and this is what it is! I am in love with the design (courtesy of Pinterest) and I am so excited to use this!

So there is my Bullet Journal update for March! I hope in a couple of months, I have some more cool pages to show you!

Let me know which are your favourite!

Till Next Time


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