Contacting Brands

After my post about that awful Brand Email, I was asked to do a post on how to get brands to contact you. It’s a two-way system with regards to brands, you have to contact them and there are so many ways you can get brands to contact you.

Twitter Hashtags

You will probably already know this but sometimes brands or people post opportunities for Bloggers on these hashtags; #bloggerswanted, #bloggersrequired, #prrequest and I have found most of my opportunities through these hashtags. Some do have requirements e.g. a DA of 20 or have to be a lifestyle blog but you will probably find something for your blog.

I try and check a few times a day because the feed is so long and not only are opportunities posted there but some people use the tag to showcase their blog and/or new post. To me, this is annoying as it clogs up the feed when I am trying to find opportunities but if you want to do that, you can!

When seeing an opportunity that interests me and fits my blog, I normally reply to the tweet if not given instructions on how to contact them and I say I am interested or I would like to know more. I also leave my email and my blog within the tweet. This is so the brand can easily contact me and also see what I post on my blog to see if their brand fits in with what I post.

Emailing Companies Direct

Everyone has their favourite companies and brands they love but if you want to work with them, email them. It’s okay if they say not at this time as they now have your email in their database (hopefully they won’t delete it) but they also have your details. You never know, they could say yes!

Within my email, I try to say why the brand and I would work well together, a few ideas for content, my social media statistics, the links to my social media and I make sure I put my address at the end of my email, just in case you get added to PR lists. I have put an example of an email I sent a couple of days ago to a brand.

brand email 1brand email 2

When sending companies emails, you need to make sure you give information about yourself and your blog. If you don’t, the brand doesn’t have a clue who you are and what you write about. Don’t just say;

“I’m Katy and I write about a lot on my blog”

This isn’t interesting at all! Write about what you do whether that be working, studying or being a full-time blogger. Relationships with brands are so important; tell them what you do normally when you’re not blogging.


Twitter is probably the best tool for your blog and finding new and upcoming brands is easy here. I find it helps to put my email in my bio on Twitter. If you follow an upcoming brand, they may see your email and that you are a blogger and you never know, you could get an email from them! As I do commisions as well, having my email in my bio also helps with getting commissions!

Plan Emails

Like earlier, I showed you an example of what I said to a company. I try to keep it the same but I plan what content I would do with a specific company. I would say plan them as well. You never know what company you may be emailing next. Definitely, plan an outline of what you want to say in every email and have this saved somewhere. This makes it easier to transfer it over to email and then add what you need to!


Approach Many Brands

It’s no secret you shouldn’t just approach one brand. Approach a few each week. If you have a smaller following, don’t worry just approach those you think you may be able to collaborate with. I have approached so many over the past 6 months and mostly they do turn me down but there is a few that do want to collaborate.

Don’t be disheartened if brands don’t want to collaborate with you, it may be because they aren’t to collaborations at that current time! You are gonna find brands that love your content and who want to work with you, patience is key!


EDIT: I forgot to add that use Bloggers Required as well. This basically showcases opportunities anyone can apply for. It is better than TheBloggerProgramme I have found as it caters to all people who have a range of following!

I hoped this help you when getting brands to contact you and contacting them yourself. Let me know if you do!

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20 thoughts on “Contacting Brands

  1. Thanks for this!
    I’ve had an account on Tomoson for a while. It’s supposed to sort of facilitate relationships between brands and bloggers. It’s a little bit of a mess. Is there a similar site you’ve tried using? Or do you mostly reach out directly?

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  2. This is such a great post that I definitely needed! Now that I am getting some
    views on my blog, I really want to start getting in touch with brands && I didn’t know how!

    Thanks for sharing! x


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  3. As a fairly new blogger who has never worked with a brand and wouldn’t dream of emailing them to ask for a collab this post has definitely helped to give me an insight into the best ways to achieve a collab! I love that you’ve included a sample email too! Thanks for writing such a helpful post!!

    Jess xx

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