My Goals for March

It’s March! Which means, my 20th Birthday is next month! I already am too excited as it is Jack and I’s 1 Year Anniversary on my Birthday too! Anyway, I am starting a new thing which is that at the start of every month, I will tell you guys my goals. It not only helps cement them onto the internet and into my brain but you guys can see how I am doing and take inspiration if you’re stuck for goals for that month or so. I have split my goals into two parts; Blogging and Lifestyle and then any other goals I want to set that month.


  • Reach 300 WordPress Followers
    • It’s a small one but I am nearly there! One of my goals is to reach 500 by December so we’re nearly there!
  • Collaborate with or review products from 2 brands
    • I love working with brands and I think it is one of my favourite parts of what I do! I love reviewing products that brands are coming out with! This month I want to try and work with 2 brands as I think I only worked with one last month. I love opportunities and I try to apply for as many as I can!
  • Reach 100 published posts!
    • This was another goal of mine for 2018 and I am happy to say I am nearly there as well! I hope to reach this goal this month and then if I aim to reach 200 published posts by the end of the year, I will be so proud! I love writing and I am so happy I have an array of posts that anyone can read at any time!



  • Start being healthier
    • I am hopefully going to start eating healthier along with the next point to start running as I don’t wanna be unfit when we go on holiday and I obviously want to look great for our holiday! I also feel if I start being healthier now, I won’t have too many health problems in later life.
  • Start running
    • As Jack and I are going on Holiday in 4 months, I really need to shape up and lose some weight. I want to be able to be confident when on the beach and when we take photos. I am already confident but I want to lose weight anyway so I thought this would be a great time to start running again or join the gym.
  • Go to all my Uni lectures
    • I have been a bad student already and it’s not all because I don’t want to go, I have been very ill recently and it just put me out a lot. I know I need to knuckle down and make sure I go, so I going to create a page where I tick off when I have been to the lecture that day! I am also going to do it because I feel it will put me in a positive mood if I do tick off that I have been.
  • Finish first two chapters of my book
    • If you saw my announcement post back in December, you will have seen that I am writing a book! It is for those who need advice on blogging whether you are a beginner or a pro. It will include so many tips to help you start your blog, create a media kit and lots of other things! Below is the cover for it, so it’s a little sneak peek for you all!

book cover


  • Upload 3 videos onto my channel
    • I have really not done well with my channel in the last year and I still love it, I think I just love writing more! I am going to try harder and make sure to upload at least 3 videos this month!
  • Start saving up for my camera + holiday
    • I already have my DLSR but because it doesn’t have a flip out screen, it’s really hard to Vlog with it so I am saving up for a smaller camera I can vlog with! I am also saving up for our holiday so we can have the best time and as it is our first holiday together, I wanted to treat Jack as I paid for the holiday for one of his Anniversary presents!

So there are my goals for March! What are yours? Do you have any that you are close to?!

Till Next Time



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