February Favourites

It’s that time of the month where I share with you my favourites of the month! It’s the last day of February and I cannot believe March is tomorrow! It seems January lasted for a whole year and February lasted for a few days! What is going on?! Anyway, onto my favourites for this month!

Cleaning Water


I bought this on the off chance I would run out of makeup wipes but I now use it when I get out of the shower to clean my face a bit more. It is so nice on the skin, it takes off makeup so easily and as my skin is a little sensitive, it cares for it. I think I bought this from ASDA for like £4 for 400ml so it was a good price for the amount of product. A little bit goes a long way!

Soap & Glory Face Wash


I got this for Christmas and honestly this month, it has been my saviour. I struggle with dry patches near my neck and ears sometimes and washing them with this has helped them become smaller! I really love this and even though I don’t really like the little beads, I put it on a damp sponge and massage it into my face!

Eco Cosmetics Hair Mousse


If you saw my review of this, you will have seen that I really liked it. I have been using every now again when I wash my hair and it makes my hair more curly as I put the mousse in and scrunch it up to help curl it naturally. I really like the formula of this and it doesn’t contain any chemicals so it won’t harm my hair!

Purple Rain 


I finally got round to watching the film that this album accompanies and oh my lord! It may not be the best film but I loved the Album even more after watching Purple Rain. My favourite songs on the alum are Let’s Go Crazy and I Would Die 4 U. They are just such feel-good songs and the album fits so well with the story of the film. The ending is just amazing as well and I definitely recommend watching the film then listening to the album on repeat like I did!

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer


I got this in a giveaway from Fatimah and I had heard so much about it and wanted to try but I didn’t have the money. I have fallen in love with it over a few weeks. It brightens my under-eyes so much and helps to conceal the discolouration and bags there too. I love the formula of this concealer and it does stay on all day and doesn’t crease!

Get it, Girl Candle


Another giveaway prize but one from Grace’s giveaway! I love rose scented things and when I got this, I was so excited to start burning it! I actually burnt through this after like a week, I loved it that much. This photo was taken a day after I finished up the candle. I can’t find it anywhere so if anyone sees it, please let me know!

Ship Necklace


I have had this for a couple of years now but it was in my jewellery box and I totally forgot about it. My nan gave it to me on our last cruise back in 2015 and I now wear it every day and the best thing is that I put my mum’s wedding ring on it too as the chain hasn’t rusted! I love the colours of this and it just is a cute little boat! It also reminds me of Moana for some reason so I like that too!

Miss Sporty Nail Varnish


I got this in Fatimah’s giveaway and I normally either wear black polish either on my real nails or false or I just go bare. I never really branch out but I decided to test this out and see if it would suit me and I can’t believe it does! It is such a rich and beautiful deep purple and I love how it sets! I don’t think I have tried miss beauty before but I will be definitely checking out more of their nail colours!

Pug Pen


Like above, I got this in a giveaway but it has become my favourite thing in the world. I love dogs and especially pugs so when I got this, I was ecstatic! I don’t know where Fatimah got this from, but I am obsessed and hope there is a whole line of these pens with different doggos on. I love how thin it writes and it helps me write slower so I can actually read my words!

Superdrug Face Mask

6I love honey masks whether that be hair or face and when Grace sent me this, I was too pumped to try it! I love the way it makes my skin feel. I feel refreshed and I smell like honey for a couple of hours so where could I go wrong?!



So there are all my February favourites this month! Have you tried any of the products I’ve mentioned?

If you didn’t know, I am posting a new blog post every week to see the new month in! Did you see my last post where I let you guys know some facts you may have not known about me?

Till Next Time


8 thoughts on “February Favourites

  1. Some lovely favourites you have here, especially the ones I gave away to you hehe, thanks for mentioning them and I am glad you are making use of them whilst enjoying it at the same time! The pug pen is from Paperchase where I work, and yes we do have other dog heads on them too but I think you can only buy them at the Paperchase Outlet now in York as they were part of the Valentines range!xx


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