The Interesting Things You Don’t Know

As you probably know by now, I am seeing February out and March in with a post every day this week! Today’s post is about the things that you probably don’t know about me and I hope you find them interesting!

1. I am a dancer

I used to go dance camp when I was younger and loved it. After I stopped going, I kept dancing, I just told no one. This was a secret for around 3 years but after my nan went to bed, I would put my little iPod on and dance for a couple of hours. I loved it, it kept me active and although I don’t do it now, I miss it because it was like an outlet for me. I’ve been in a few dance camps including, Hairspray, Shrek The Musical and I use to go to Stagecoach in the summer holidays.

2. I went to boarding school for 7 years

I moved into my nan’s house at the age of 11 and went to boarding school. I must admit that it did help me when I came to Uni because I had been away from home for which not everyone has that experience. I did both my GCSE’s and A-Level’s there and came out with alright grades. I loved my school, it taught me to be independent and helped me see what I wanted to with my life. I met some of the most amazing people and I love that even though we have left, we stay in contact!


3. Most of the time, I love to clean

When I say most of the time, it is when I can’t think or be productive and I have to clean the room and clear mess to be able to have a clear mind and actually be able to think. Cleaning is such a good way to help clear your mind and help keep your space tidy! I always say; a tidy room equals a tidy mind! I don’t feel as cluttered when the room isn’t messy!

4. Star Wars is my favourite movie franchise

I got into Star Wars last year believe it or not and I have nearly seen all the films. I loved the two latest ones and it’s my favourite movie franchise to date! As a filmmaker, it is so pleasing to watch something that began over 20 years ago and still is relevant and going to this day. I love the films and I am so glad that I have finally watched most of them!

5. Black is my favourite colour

If you haven’t guessed by now, I love the colour black. It is my favourite colour to wear and although I do wear other colours, it looks more slimming than most things. I love everything black, even pens. I will only write in other colours when I need to but writing with blue pens at school gave me some anxiety for a reason.

6. SomethingDifferent originated on Blogger back in 2015

It’s true! I use to be on Blogger and I never really used to upload! I started that blog in 2015 and moved over to WordPress last August! I loved that I started out on Blogger but I find WordPress easier to use for me personally. I didn’t really write about much on my other blog, it was mainly how my week was. I got back into last June/July and then decided to make the switch over to “start again” in a way. I haven’t looked back since. Below is what my blog home page looks like on Blogger, eeeek.


7. I use to be in love with John from SCLUB7

Okay look, everyone loves a bit of SCLUB7 but I used to have the biggest crush on John. I actually used to love him, I swear. I remember watching the TV show and movies they did and just swooning over him. I thought he was the most gorgeous man in the world. If I could go see them live, I would. I love SCLUB7, they were my childhood but John, oh he was dreamy when I was younger! I thought he was so cool, so hip and so beautiful! I mean, he’s okay today but back then he was just a dream!

john sclub 7

8. The only band I have seen live is Bring Me The Horizon

It astounding I have only seen one band live, I haven’t even been to a festival! I saw BMTH in August 2015 when I was in the emo phase of my teens. I adored them and I met Oli and Jordan! I mean at the time, I couldn’t believe I had met them but I am so glad I went with my best friend as it secured our friendship in things we love! P.S sorry for the bad quality, it was an iPhone 4.


9. I have been on a cruise ship 3 times

My nan loves going on cruises and while I lived with her, I went on 3. My first one was when I was 11/12, then 15 then 17. I didn’t have photos on my first two but below is from the last cruise I went on in 2015! I love cruises so much! You can visit different countries for a day while cruising the sea. The sunsets are unreal. Cruise ships are something I am in love with I think. They’re so grand and just amazing. I always used to love the food, people I met and just being free.


10. I can play the piano

I never knew how to play the piano 8 years ago, like I didn’t know any chords at all. I did music all through year 7 to 9, chose Music GCSE and I wanted to be able to play my own songs for coursework so I taught myself how to play chords with help of my teachers. I also made a mashup once for one of my coursework assignments!

So there are 10 things you may have not known about me! I hope you are enjoying this weeks posts! Did you check out yesterdays when I talked about the 10 commandments of blogging?

Until Next Time!


10 thoughts on “The Interesting Things You Don’t Know

  1. Hannah says:

    I think I go to 1 concert a month!!! I adore going to concerts – for me it’s a way to get out of my own headspace which is something I’ve always found music helpful to do. I think it’s so cool that you went on cruises on holiday – it’s something that not many people do but sounds like so much fun. xx

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