The 10 Commandments of Blogging

We all know by now that Blogging is a hard job we do. We write, take photos, edit them, upload all of the things we need and then constantly share the posts all over social media but there are some things that I think everyone should do so here are my 10 Commandments of Blogging!

1. Less than 200 has to go!

If you think about it, 200 words aren’t that much. I feel like if you don’t write enough, then it’s just not worth posting. If it’s just a short update then yeah, I agree with that being short but if you were doing a review, I feel, 200 words isn’t enough to do a full review of something.

2. Pictures make your post pop

Have you ever read a post and just stopped halfway through because it just wasn’t interesting and there were no pictures? Pictures make your posts more interesting and people can see what you’re talking about! I normally don’t add pictures to my posts if they’re about mental health as I don’t really know what to add but hopefully, I will be able to add some.

Also if you’re reviewing something and some people haven’t heard of it and you have no photos with the post, it won’t help the reader see what you’re seeing. Also, don’t just take a photo, edit it as you never know, it could get better!

colouring pens

3. Being rude won’t get you anywhere

This is a life commandment, not only a Blogger one. I can’t stress enough that being rude to your readers, fellow bloggers or even a company or brand will not reflect well on you. People do talk and being rude in life just won’t help you out.

Brands tend to not want to talk to you if you’re rude to them. Be nice and they may help you out.

4. Interacting with other Bloggers helps everyone out

The Blogger community is huge and I mean HUGE! I love my Blogger family and I wouldn’t have met such amazing people if it wasn’t for the community I am a part of. Talking to other bloggers help so much, you may have the same problem and someone has a solution. We help each other out. Whether that is with personal problems, blog problems, leaving a like or a comment on something. We are all a community and we all care.

5. Plan your posts!

I have so many pages dedicated to blog posts. I even have a whole planner so I can plan what the points are for each blog post. If you go straight into writing, go you but I personally like to sit at my desk and plan the week’s posts out. This way I can see what photos I need to take, what links I need to include and what points I can make in each post. I make sure to plan some in advance so if I get stuck by the time I need to write it, I have those points there that I can use!


6. Set a schedule

When I started blogging in 2015 on Blogger, I rarely uploaded (see below) and I found that when I started on WordPress, I took my blogging more seriously and decided to start a schedule for when my posts go up. Right now its, Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 3pm. This helps me because I write posts in advance, schedule them and be able to know the deadline for certain posts. If you don’t want to have a schedule that is still okay, I just find that people know when to expect an upload and go straight to my site instead of waiting for me to share the link on Social Media.


7. Try not to curse

I swear all the time in real life. I really do but when it comes to my blog, I try to not curse. It is hard but it helps. Cursing is okay in some aspects like “flipping, bloody” in my opinion but the big F or C words; they won’t have a nice effect if you start to swear. Some people don’t like swearing and I understand why. Some people do, that’s still ok. I’m not saying you can’t curse, but in my opinion, I would try not to.

8. Write for you, not views

I have Tweeted about this so many times and I see people getting upset about their view count. You started your blog because you like writing, why do views matter? I write because I enjoy it and I like helping people out and just having a good time with the thing I love most. Why should views overall or posts matter that much? I love that people read my blog but if they didn’t, I wouldn’t mind. I write because I love doing it. I don’t write because I want people to read; there would be no passion in my writing if I did that. Views are good, don’t get me wrong but they shouldn’t be the main part of why you write or do what you do.

9. Social Media is a massive part

I always share my new posts on Social Media, if I didn’t, the only people who would know I have a new post up is either me or the people subscribed to email updates. It is a big help to share your new post on many platforms. I make sure to share on my Twitter, Personal Facebook, Facebook Page, Instagram, Snapchat and sometimes Pinterest. This can mean that you generate so much more traffic to your post and site if you share your post on more than one platform.

10. Never Give Up!

Blogging is hard, I am not gonna lie to those who aren’t bloggers. To those who are, we experienced how hard it is but don’t ever feel like your content isn’t worth anything because it is. Every post you make, a photo you upload, review you do, it all helps to expand your knowledge and help you give content to your readers.

Whatever you do on your blog, don’t give up. It’s easy to, but you write on your blog because you enjoy it and hopefully it is your passion. Don’t give that up if you get a bad comment or you feel your blog isn’t worth it because it is!

Now, these are what I think are the commandments of blogging, do you have any to add?

Until Next Time!


11 thoughts on “The 10 Commandments of Blogging

  1. I swear so much in my blog posts – oops! At first i tried to not swear but it’s something that I just can’t help – i know it can be a little off putting to people. I try to schedule my posts but sometimes I get excited and just wanna post it immediately! Deffo agree with supporting other bloggers and being polite! Nothing worse than commenting on someones post n being ignored/ just getting an emoji reply xx

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  2. I thought the first one meant all blogs under 200 should leave oops. I agree with all these points, especially the interaction one. Since I’ve taken the time to interact with other people, I’ve seen my stats go up and also feel more connected to other bloggers. xx

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  3. What are really good ways to interact with other bloggers? I have heard of blogger meeting and online communities, but I am not sure how to find them. I am super new to blogging. I have only had my site up for almost two weeks. Your post was useful. Thanks ❤

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