Being Productive Is The Key

Day to day, I try and do most things on my to-do list and sometimes I get distracted and I procrastinate. Being productive means you take away all the distractions and focus on what you need to do for that day. I think being productive is the key to anything in life. If you work hard at what you do and you don’t procrastinate, you will get far. I love when I am productive as I feel like I have accomplished something big. I thought today’s blog post would be how you can be productive and what you can do to help yourself to procrastinate less!

No Distractions – Forest

We all get distracted by social media and I honestly am one of them. I endlessly check Twitter or Instagram when I’m bored or don’t want to do my work but I found that if my phone is plugged in and not near me, I don’t check it. That’s one thing but then you can check it all on your computer.

I use Forest to help me stay focused when working on my laptop. You can whitelist sites so you can add WordPress if you’re writing up blog posts or anything you need for studying. You can blacklist sites including Facebook, Twitter and other social media. It really helps as it has a countdown and although it is there, you forget about it. If you”give up” you kill your tree. You grow a tree by working without distractions from the blacklisted sites for 25 minutes. You can download it to Chrome and there is an App for it as well.


Music Or No Music

I hate sitting in silence when I work. I don’t know why but music helps my brain to keep my train of thought on what I am doing. I tend to work better when I have music on because then my brain can focus on the music and what I am doing. If you work with or without music, that’s fine. Everyone is different. If you do listen to music when writing, I have a Writing Blog Posts Spotify Playlist if you would like some tunes to listen to while writing. You can also add your own songs to this, I think a collaborative playlist for those who listen to music while writing is so nice as we can share those songs that help us write.

Planning is essential

If you straight into what you want to do, you probably will get stuck and won’t get far into writing what you want to. I find planning essential here. If you plan the points you want to say, you will have prompts to help you write. For example, for my 10 Things I Can’t Live Without post, I wrote them all down so I knew what I needed to write next.

Planning can take time but it is so worth it in the end. Even just opening a word document can help. Even for this post, I wrote down the ways I am productive so I know what I will write about next. You may not use all of the points you write down but at least you have a body of ideas you can write about.

Waking Up Before 10

I am such a bad person for this. I wake up at midday and it’s not good. I like when the day is light and when I feel I have a lot of time to do my work. I used to always wake up before 10 so I could tackle the day! If you wake up, have a shower and eat breakfast, then I feel you can tackle the day! I feel empowered when I work in the morning cause there is so much left of the day!

Eat Balanced Meals


It’s true what they say; stodgy meals make you tired. If I want to be productive, I always make sure I have something that isn’t too stodgy as it makes me want to sleep. I do always make sure there are carbs on my plate but a small amount. Fruit and vegetables help me stay awake with the nutrients they contain and it makes me feel better and healthier at the same time!

Make To-Do Lists

If you want to get things done with no hassle of remembering what you have to do, make to-do lists! I find these so useful and they don’t have to be work-related. If you have a phone call to make, something to do on a certain day or for the week, write it down and have it in front of you! I tend to make weekly to-do lists after I’ve put everything in my diary. I then can tackle the tasks when I need to for the week.

Take Short Breaks

I can’t stress this enough. If I stare at my laptop for too long, my head starts to hurt. Breaks are so needed when tackling a long day. Take 10 minutes every hour or so and just listen to music, get a drink or do something that takes your mind off work and take a break for yourself.

Drink Water

Water is so much better than any drink and although I do drink energy drinks, a glass of ice cold water in the morning is sure to wake you up and get you prepared for the day! Water is like its own energy drink that is free but to get the full effect, you need to drink 8 glasses a day, every day. It will help you so much!

I hope this helps and if you use any of these tips, let me know down below!



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