The Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following

I don’t know about you but I check Instagram many times a day. It is such a great way to share photos with people and find amazing and creative people! I thought I would share some accounts that I love and that you should follow!

Ashley: @_hiyaitsashley


I just recently followed Ashley but already am in love with her content! She posts the most amazing flat lay photos but all of the photos she’s uploaded are so amazing! I’m shocked she doesn’t have a bigger following! Her content is amazing and I definitely followed her for updates on her blog posts as well!

instagram ashley



Beth’s Instagram is filled with flat lay, fashion and just all round amazing photos. I love to see what she’s up to and she’s so pretty! Her photos are just all round amazing and I am so glad I followed her! Definitely worth a follow if you love photography.

instagram beth

Holly: @holstayy


I think Holly is my favourite Blogger on Instagram and it’s because the theme of her grid is just amazing. I love her fly lays and they give me in the inspiration to do what I do every day. I love seeing what’s she’s up to and she uses an amazing camera to capture some pretty great photos and the colours stand out so much! Also, she is beautiful and I am so jealous!

instagram holly

Chloe: @chloealr

instagram chloe

I don’t know why Chloe doesn’t have more followers as her photos are gorgeous! I love seeing her flat lay photos as they give me the inspiration to do mine! She is so pretty and her Instagram is one of my favourites!

instagram chloe

Katie: @ktlgh

instagram katie

Katie is one of a kind! I love her posts and she has a dog who is extremely cute! She’s such a cool person and her Instagram posts always make me smile whenever I see them!

instagram katie

Paulina: @fashionisminepassion

instagram paulina

Last but not least is Paulina! She posts amazing photos from her travels and I love seeing her fashion posts as well! The quality of her photos is unreal! She is also so pretty!

instagram paulina

So there are some of my favourite Instagram accounts and why you should follow them!

If you wanna see what I post on Instagram, you can follow me to see photos of my cat, my upcoming blog posts and shameless selfies!

Till Next Time


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