The Eyeshadow Palettes I Can’t Live Without

We all love a good palette but there are probably hundreds of thousands of eyeshadow palettes and I can live with that but there are a few which I cannot live without. These can be used for both daily and glam makeup and I thought you needed to know about them just in case you’re looking for a new palette to get your hands on!

Makeup Revolution – Beyond Flawless

revolution beyond flawless palette

Right, I’m gonna come out and say it. This is the first ever palette that I have ever bought! It’s not even a year old! I had palettes given to me before and I used one of my other MUR one’s for like a whole year and a half before getting this one! It’s crazy!


As you can see from mine, the shimmer shades have been used a lot! I love this palette and it can be used for all looks! I tend to go for a gold or pink shimmer on a daily basis as that’s what I do best! I do like the black shadow in this palette and I do use it sometimes but it isn’t as black as the NYX palette below or the Morphe palette I have.

I really do love this palette and I use it on a daily basis. I think the pigmentation is amazing and the colours blend so well together!

NYX Cosmetics – Love Contours All

nyx palette

You may have already seen this palette on my blog but I am in love with this palette. Although it is an all-in-one palette, the eyeshadows are beautiful and are like butter. I love this palette so much and the highlight shades are to die for.


So as you can see above, the shimmer is a bit used and the brown and black are too. I really like pairing these all up and creating a smokey brown eye. I don’t tend to use the brow shades at the bottom mainly because I don’t need to fill in my brow.

I love the contour and highlight pans. The highlight is so soft and blends into the skin seamlessly. I couldn’t ask for a better all-in-one palette. I definitely recommend this if you are travelling and don’t want to take so many products with you. You could even use the gold highlight for eyeshadow for a bit more of a pop on the eye.

Makeup Revolution – Fortune Favours The Brave

makeup revolution palette

I originally bought this for something else (I can’t remember what it was) but it was so nice that I decided to keep it. The packaging of this gives me life. Even though it is cheap, I love that it was different to their other plain black packaging.


I love the setup of this palette so much. I like that is it different to the others and the brush is different to the ones originally in the MUR palettes. The shadows in this palette are to die for. The colours in the multi-coloured ones blend so well together and the colour pigmentation is amazing. I would recommend this palette to keep in your everyday makeup bag!

MORPHE 35F – Fall Into Frost

morphe 35f palette

This is my pride and joy! I bought this as I was browsing BeautyBay looking for a Morphe palette but there were so many that I wanted but I just didn’t know which one I wanted and which would suit me the most. I love how big the palette is and although it is a little hard to store in my daily makeup basket, it luckily fits and I keep it there if I want to go more bold with my daily makeup!


Excuse the top right broken pan, it somehow broke without me knowing 4 days after I bought this palette. I think overall this is tied my the NYX palette for my favourite palette as there are so many different coloured shimmers. I love the transition shades as they’re so soft. The shimmers are just on another level and I have never felt a shimmer like that. It isn’t powdery and it’s almost like it’s creamy. I love the golds and brown and I am so glad that I got this. Definitely worth the money!

So there are the palettes I can’t live without! Do you have any of the same? What are your favourite palettes?

Till Next Time


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