Eco Cosmetics

I was lucky enough to be sent some of Eco Cosmetics products to review. My hair is annoying to style and I normally just leave it because I don’t want to add chemicals to my already frazzled hair.

When I saw that these products have mostly organic ingredients in them, I was intrigued. This post is not sponsored and I was sent the products in return for a review.

Hair Mousse

I used to see my nan use hair mousse all the time but I never understood why people used it. I really like the simple packaging of this and it looks really modern. I tried this for a few days and it kept my hair shiny and just bouncy. My hair normally gets greasy when a chemical product is applied but because it is organic, it was still soft after a few days.

I really liked the way this made my hair feel, it didn’t feel like it had product on it and even putting it in my hair, it wasn’t sticky on my hands which I am all for. It also smells fresh and not like chemicals which I am so grateful for. You get 150ml for €7.90 on the Trendi-go website. I think this is a good price for something that does its job and at the same isn’t full of chemicals!

Hair Spray


I am not a big fan of hairsprays at all. They make my hair sticky and basically breakable but I was very stunned to see the effect of this one. It wasn’t sticky and my hair looked natural when it was styled. I really love this and I will be using it for when I straighten or properly curl my hair.

Again it costs €7.90 for 150ml which I find astounding and I will be buying this when I run out of the product! The smell is so fresh and fruity and again, it doesn’t feel sticky on my hands which I love especially when I am in rush and don’t have time to wash my hands!

Overall I love both of these products because they help keep my hair in place when it needs to be styled. I love the smell of both of them and I will be definitely checking their other products out! I suggest you do too!

If you’ve tried these, let me know what you think in the comments!

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