Daily Make-Up Routine | Winter Edition

I ran a poll on my Instagram about what to post today and the last time I looked at it, this is the post that you guys wanted to see! I saw Lauren do this (check her video out too) so I thought I would take some inspiration and do a post and a video! I also will hopefully be posting a makeup routine every season so you can see what products I use and maybe get some inspiration from it! I also did a video over on my channel where I did my make-up routine! Check it out here!



I got this primer for Christmas from Jack and oh my lord, I can never go back to my old one! I love this so much! The texture is weird but it helps my makeup stay on my face all day! I love the way it dries onto my skin! I put this all of over my face including my eyelids!



I have been using this specific foundation for over a year now and it is such a good drugstore foundation! I have used others in the past but this gives a good amount of coverage all day! It does make my skin more oily by the end of the day but it’s not too bad. After priming, I dab this into my skin using a beauty blender.



If you saw my January Favourites post, you will have seen this mentioned. I didn’t wanna buy a big name brand and then it fail me so I found this on BeautyBay and it has done such a good job of brightening the bags under my eyes! I also put this down my nose, a little on my forehead and chin. I also use this to cover any spots or blemishes!



This is the first powder I have ever bought and I have tried others but I keep going back to it. It sets my makeup really nicely when used with a big powder brush. It helps keep my face less oily for most of the day.



I picked this e.l.f contour set up because I needed a new one and it was cheap. I had heard good things about e.l.f but never had tried their products and I love this contour quad! A little bit goes a long way and the light shades at the top can be used as a brow bone highlighter!



I start off my eyes by using the pink and white as transition shades for a base. I then put the dark brown shade into my crease. I sometimes get my other MUR palette and put some black into the crease to deepen it. I then add the gold to my lid and blend the colours together. For the waterline, I use the dark brown and a brownish gold to smoke it out a little.


Next is eyeliner and I use the Kohl liner from Rimmel London. I really like this as it doesn’t run out easily and it is a pencil so the actual product is soft on my under eyes. I normally have to add a coat throughout the day just so it stays prominent.

Below is the Soap & Glory Supercat Liquid Eyeliner Pen which I use on my lid to create a wing. I like this liner as with a liquid it can smudge badly and go everywhere across your eye. This liner helps control that with the pen end.


Lastly, on my eyes, I put mascara on. I use the Rimmel London (I know I use this brand a lot!) Scandleyes Xtreme mascara. I love this because of the big wand and how it makes my lashes look.




I love highlight! I normally use the white and pink ones from the Good As Gold Palette that is above in this post and then use this highlighter on top. If I am in a rush, I will just use this. I put it on the top of my cheeks, above my brows, my nose and my cupid’s bow. This helps to highlight the high places of my face. I love this highlighter as it is so cheap and so beautiful!

Setting Spray


I bought this back at the start of January and it is in my January favourites and has become a staple in my makeup basket! I love it! It sets my makeup beautifully and it is so cheap! I normally do about 4 sprays on my face to make sure I cover it!


13Again another product from my January Favourites post but Winter means dark colours and this one has to be one of my favourite lipsticks I have ever got. I love it so much and although I don’t have a liner for it, it still looks amazing!

I hope you guys enjoyed seeing what it is in my daily makeup routine for the Winter! Do you use any of the same products?

Till Next Time


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