How I Take & Edit My Photos

Flay lay photos and photos posted on blogs are key to breaking up text and to make your blog posts more exciting. I thought that I would share how I take and edit my photos and hopefully you can find some something you can implement into your own process!

I used to take blog photos with my iPhone and some photos in this post are taken with my iPhone to show my camera but if you don’t have a camera, your phone should be okay.

I use a Nikon D3300 to take my photos with an 18-55mm lens. I use this because the photos look so good when taken properly. DSLR’s are really helpful with blog photography. They can take a perfect photo for you. I make sure that the product in the shot is in focus and the background has some depth to it like props or other things included in the post. This way helps keep the focus on the main image but also makes the photo look less boring.


If you have seen my photos before, you will see that some of them are in natural lighting which I try to do most of the time because well, it makes the photos look so much better but if I have to do them in the evening, I either try to take them so I can edit them to look more natural or I use my housemate’s light. This way I can still edit them but they still look good.


I normally use my desk for flat lay photos mainly because the pattern looks really nice in my photos and I use props like brushes and other things to compliment the whole spread. The light in the above picture is a Neewer light I think. I also make sure I use a 16GB or more SD card for the best quality and ensure I can take enough photos.

Below is a comparison of a photo I took and the second one is an edited version of it. I make sure that the colours pop and that the image is crisp. I like to make sure the whites and blacks are separate in the photo and it helps to bring the other colours out. Even though the lights help brighten the background and the products in the shot, editing the photo is needed to help brighten it even more.




Below are the settings that I normally adjust when editing my photos. Depending on the light and the product in the photo, I make sure they are all bright enough and pop so they look interesting in my posts.


If I edit my posts or my Instagram photos on my phone, I normally use the Polarr app that is also on iPhone. If you want a free but good alternative to Adobe’s Lightroom, Polarr is amazing for editing for beginners.

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