10 Things I Can’t Live Without

There are certain things in everyone’s lives that you can’t live without and I thought today’s post would be the 10 things that I personally cannot live without. I love a lot of things that I use daily but there are certain things that I personally couldn’t go a day or week without!

10. Face Masks

face masks

Whether it is a peel-off or a clay mask, I love to put on a face mask, stick Netflix on and just let the mask help clear my skin. Putting on a face mask is so calming and I love the process of putting on and taking off a mask. I really love the way they make my skin feel and I think the longest I could probably go without putting on a face mask is about a week or 2. They just make me feel cleaner.

9. Handbag

hand bag

I rarely leave the house without a bag but recently, I have gotten into more using my handbag rather my rucksack mainly because of the convenience of my handbag being near me instead of on my back. You can fit so much in handbags and they are so useful for travelling and I don’t know how I could carry my stuff around if I didn’t have one.

8. Tea

twinings tea

Tea is a saviour for all situations and it just makes you feel good inside. I love drinks but tea is one of those I could drink all day and not be tired of it, it’s that good. I love all sorts of tea including fruit tea and it does help me wake up in the morning!

7. Candles

yankee candle

If you have seen any of my posts, you will probably know I am obsessed with candles. They just light up the room and make the smell of the room better. I think candles are so sweet and they just make the mood of a room better. Having them around my bath is the one thing that makes the bath perfect. They also help me to relax when I need to and concentrate when I need to.

6. Makeup

eyeshadow palett

Whether it’s a full face or natural, makeup helps me feel powerful and pretty. I don’t know how I would feel if I didn’t have it. It is so creative and you can do what you want as there are no boundaries. Makeup is one of those things that I taught myself to do and therefore I feel better when I put it on because I can do it.

5. Colourful Pens


colouring pens


I love colour-coding and colouring so I definitely couldn’t live without my colour pens. They help me with my organisation and just make pages look prettier. They are a godsend for my bullet notebook and they look really pretty on my desk as well.

4. Netflix


What is better than coming home from Uni and sitting in bed and watching Netflix? I mean I don’t think there is much that beats that. I love the shows on Netflix and some of my favourites are Netflix originals so I am glad I found them when I did. I don’t know how I would watch anything without Netflix. I’m a little annoyed Disney is being taken off Netflix but I hope we get more shows like the US Netflix has.

3. Notebooks/Bullet Journal

bullet notebook

These are my saviour when it comes to organising my things. I love them so much and without them, I think I would be a mess. They help me keep track of so many different things and they just help me to keep my messy life in order. I put my blog post and video ideas in my Bullet Notebook so I know I can add and tick off the lists and this helps me to keep ideas I have thought of in the running for the next blog post or video! I love being creative so a bullet journal combines both that and organisation and it helps me stay sane!

2. My Phone


I use my phone for everything. From games to language practice to editing photos, it does everything I need it too. I couldn’t live without my phone because I can stay in contact with people easily. I didn’t have a phone from when I was 11 to like 14 so it was hard but now I can’t live without it. It’s a godsend!

1. Music


Music is the top thing I can’t live without. I can listen to anything for any mood and it helps me when doing work a lot. Music is good for the brain and I stand by this. It can change my mood, make me concentrate or spread a meaning through song. I love music so much and if I had to choose to keep one thing, I would choose music.

So there are the things I cannot live without! Is there anything different that you can’t live without?

Till Next Time


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