How I Stay Organised


It’s tough staying organised and believe me, I have found several ways over the past few years to help me stay organised. As a student, Blogger and YouTuber, it is hard to organise them all when I am at Uni so here are the things I do and use to stay organised each day!



Momentum is a Chrome add-on which is free and it basically turns your New Tab page into a cool to do list page. Each day there is a new picture of somewhere and there is a main goal part in the middle with the time of the day. On the bottom is a to-do list. If you’re not into writing your to-do lists down on paper, this works so well. I have used since for about 3 years now and I absolutely love it. It makes the page brighten up and it makes me even more motivated because one day, I may be able to see that photo in real life.

Weekly Planner


If you saw my Bullet Notebook post then you will have seen my daily planner. I don’t use this anymore but I still advise to use it. One of my best friends got me a weekly planner kind of thing from Skinnydip and it helps plan out my weeks. It is very different to what I did in Bullet Journal and I didn’t want a plain old diary when I decided to change it up so this was such an amazing present to get. I am glad there are no dates on it and you can write it in because it means I can utilise all of the pages. I love the design and I love waking up and seeing what I have to do each day with this.

This helps me plan what to do on what day and when to upload, edit or write. I have a lot going on in my life and this has helped me see where I need to be and what to do, when. I don’t think I could not have a weekly planner and I definitely recommend one of these if you need to plan things in advance.

Bullet Notebook


I use this to help me track my blog stats, the languages I learn, ideas for videos and blog posts. It helps with everything I do. I still have a lot to add to it but if you want to learn new skills and track your progress or you want to show visually your statistics for something, I would get a bullet notebook. You can even use it as a weekly planner like I did with my A6 one. I also have my NY Resolutions and a Buckey List for 2018 in my notebook this year so I can fill in what I do and when!

I also create Monthly Pages in my Bullet Notebook as you can see by the image above. I found the layout for this on Pinterest and it has helped me so much. I make sure to track my Twitter and Instagram follower count, my goals for that month, notes, important dates and any new songs that I find. Having smaller goals helps me accomplish something each month, whether that be big or small. It also helps me stay on track on what that month needs e.g. a deadline or a bigger goal. I find this also helps me keep my important dates stuck in my head.

Colour Coding


I find this one of the most helpful organisational tools ever. Once you have a code for each colour, it becomes so easy to understand. As I moved from my little bullet journal to a weekly pad, I haven’t incorporated colour coding into it yet and I am finding it harder. As above you can see a two-page spread with 4-5 colours on it. GREEN was to help show the date, BLUE meant it was an event, YELLOW clarified that a post or video must go up at the time specified, ORANGE meant the task was urgent and PINK meant it was very urgent for the next day.

This helped me to distinguish parts of the page and help my brain to sort the colours and the meanings into different categories. I found this really helpful as all the writing was in black. The writing being highlighted meant I needed to pay attention to it. You can colour code with either writing or highlighting, it is what works for you.


It sounds like everybody says this but it is true, having a routine can help you stay organised and then you have room and time to do other things in between your routine. I would say have a morning and night routine, therefore, you are fresh for the day ahead and then you can sleep well for the next time.

Blog Planner


I only just got this recently as my other best friend bought me it for Christmas. I love it so much. It helps me plan posts, when they’re going up and the content for the specific post. If you are a blogger, I do recommend getting one of these. Each month you get a new quote and you can write the month at the top and if that’s not motivation to keep your blog posts going, I don’t know what is.

There are also pages for sponsored content if you get it that month. I really like this as I do have a page in my Bullet Notebook for collaborations but it’s not very good. The Blog Planner is so neatly presented and helps me day to day with my posts!

So there is how I stay organised day-to-day. I hope this helps you and if it does, please let me know!

Till Next Time!


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