How I Use My Bullet Journal


Today I thought I would show you guys how I set up my Bullet Journal, how I did it and where I get inspiration from! I hope this helps if you are wanting to set one up and gives you some inspiration on how to set your own out!

So I used to use two bullet journals, I have an A5 one which you will see mostly in this post but I wanted to show my other one which I don’t use anymore but I wanted to show how it can help if you need to organise your life.


I started using my small bullet journal as a day to day diary in July and I set it out myself. I knew I wanted enough space to write what I needed to do and it really helped me. I colour co-ordinated what highlighter meant what. For example, Blue meant an Event, Orange meant important, Pink meant VERY IMPORTANT and Yellow meant a new post or video. This really helped me in terms of Uni and Blogging as I needed to stick to a schedule of when to write a new blog post and upload it. I don’t use this anymore but I do use the small notebook for lists if I don’t wanna take my bigger journal out.

So onto my A5 Bullet Journal! I really love this! My dad got me both this one and the smaller one shown above for my 18th Birthday and I wanted to wait till University to use them because I was in my A-Levels and I wanted a fresh start when I got to Uni. I did kind of use it but up until July/August time, I didn’t know how I wanted to set mine up and I wasn’t really creative with my pages as you can see below.


I knew I wanted to make a schedule and basically organise my life more but I wanted to do in a creative way and this is where Pinterest helped me so much. I literally scoured for hours trying to come with ideas for pages and luckily, it worked. I owe how my pages are to Pinterest because, without the inspiration that I got from it, my pages wouldn’t look like they do now. So I’m gonna talk about a few pages below and what they mean and then just show you guys what else I have done in my journal!


So as you can see by the OCT on the second page, I started to create my pages in October and I started with a schedule as you can see on the left of the photo. It was getting to that point in the semester at Uni where I needed to crack down on studying and come up with a schedule where I could fit Uni, Blogging, YouTube and other activities into my day. I did stick with this a little but I feel giving myself timetabled things to do just put pressure on me so I won’t be doing it this year.

I saw a monthly page on Pinterest which tracked followers and so I started with the basics of that and created my monthly page which I do at the end of the month for the start of the next. I track my Instagram and Twitter followers on this page. I do how many followers I am at and recently have incorporated what Social Blade rank I am for Twitter (p.s. spoiler alert, I’m like 767 million aha…). I also set myself 4 minor goals for the month to keep me going. I do have goals for every year that I want to achieve but they are major goals that may take up the whole year. These minor goals help me achieve what I want to do for that month. So for December, completing Blogmas was a minor goal of mine!


These pages are where I track my blog views for the month and who has their birthday when. I really like these pages as they last a long time and I can use them for a long time!



These three pages were what I started 2018 with. One was my overall goals for 2018, another a bucket list that I wanted to complete by Christmas 2018 and the January monthly page. I am so happy I got to create goals pages as I use my bullet journal a lot so I see the pages every day!


The most current page I designed was my languages pages. One has my goals for languages for the year and the other is a language tracker where I can see what days I studied each language! I found this in an article which had a link to someone’s YouTube channel but I can’t remember the name so credits to her for giving me the idea for this one!

I can’t wait to design more and if you guys want, I can make a 6-monthly Bullet Journal post where I show you what I have added to my journal!

I hope this gives you some inspiration to start yours and if it does, I would love to see what you come up with!

Till Next Time!



24 thoughts on “How I Use My Bullet Journal

  1. This looks fab, if you’re looking for any inspiration I definitely recommend watching AmandaRachLee videos on YouTube. I’ve taken inspiration from her for my own bullet journal as I’m new to it this year. I’d love to see a 6 month post on how you are getting on with yours!

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