A Letter To My Younger Self


As it is a new year and I always seem to look on past years at the start and see what I achieved, I thought I would do a letter to my younger self! I actually sent a future email to myself at the end of 2016 I think so that’s yet to come in 4 years! I am gonna base this on 16-year-old me when I finished my GCSE’s.

Dear Past Katy,

You did it! You got your GCSE’s and not gonna lie, you will have to retake English cause I think you messed up a little but don’t worry, you will get lots of help and support! You have done so well to get your grades in the last year. This will be the first year without Mum and it will be hard, you’ll write a long post and honour her in your memories.

You’ll start your A-Levels. Just choose Media, Drama and ICT because if you don’t, you’ll spend a few weeks dropping and picking up subjects, believe me, I know. You’ll love Media. I know you have no knowledge of that kind of subject but this is what you were born to do! You will still enjoy your other subjects but Media will be your favourite.

It’s okay to feel overwhelmed with work. You will at some point throughout your A-Levels but I know you will succeed! I know you can and will work towards your goals and honestly, it will be worth it in a year. Work hard for media, please. It’s what you do best and you’ll get into University and study it!

Don’t listen to those who put you down. They make you upset and cause you to do things that hurt yourself. Never give up hope to find happiness because it will come to you soon. You are good enough and this darkness will disappear soon, I promise.

You’ll get to do some amazing things like visiting new cities like Bristol and Winchester because you’ll go to Open Days and Interviews for Uni. Don’t let the ones who pressure you to do certain things. Choose your own journey and be your own person.

Try not to fall in love before you go to Uni and the run-up to the end of A-Levels, it doesn’t work out and you’ll hurt. Some of the times were good but the bad times were worse than ever. Just remember, you do you and look after yourself first.

You’ll decide to leave home that summer and it will be the best decision for your mental health. Yes, it will be stressful but in the end, Dad will take you in and help you get to the next step. You’ll stay with Max for a month and basically stay safe off the streets and be grateful you have amazing friends like him.

You’ll get into Uni! You’ll meet so many new friends and some good best friends in your first term. You’ll drink and party a lot but by the end of your first year at Uni, you’ll be doing the opposite.

So with that, I say Good Luck and just remember; you are worth it and you are one of a kind. You are beautiful and don’t let anyone else tell you different!


Future Katy x

I hope you enjoyed today’s post! Is there anything you would say to your younger self?

Till Next Time,


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