Blogmas Day 29 | Reflection On 2017


2 days until the end of the year and I thought that today would all be about looking back on the year and how it has been. There may also be a video on my channel for those who want to check it out as well. There has been so many ups and downs and I hope that next year brings me even more joy. So shall we delve into the memories of the past year? I am also going to put my favourite photo from that month below the text to spice the post up a bit!


Well, it’s been 11 months since the start of this year and I remember some parts but not much. I came into 2017 with a bang with two of my best friends, Keeley and Alice and let’s just say, my hangover was so intense that public transport was the worst thing I have ever been on.

January is also a big deal to me. I was struggling with my mental health really badly and I tried to commit suicide twice. It’s also the last time I self-harmed and the fact I have nearly been a year free is such a good feeling. My mental health was shit in January this year but it started to get a little better. I couldn’t have done it without my friends including Hannah and Lauren who took me to the hospital when I needed it, I wouldn’t be alive without you.



I went to counselling for the first time in two years this February and even though I heard nothing back for about 9 months, it really did help. February was also a hard time for me dating as I was just being messed around.

I don’t really remember much that happened except going to a wellbeing appointment at University and then them never getting back to me.



March was the time when we had to shoot our film for University and I was so excited as I was producing it. I really enjoyed being on our set as the atmosphere was friendly to be around. I loved producing the film and it was so fun to see how our final film was shot.

There was a really nice day where my friends and I went to the pub and just enjoyed each other’s company till it went dark. I really liked this as it kept me happy and occupied!



I finished my first year at University and boy, it was magical! I loved it so much and we celebrated by going out to the club. I actually met Jack the same night. We went on a date the day after we met as well.

A week later I threw a Birthday party to celebrate my 19th! I don’t remember much of it but I do remember Jack asking me to be his girlfriend and then having to go to the hospital with a friend so it was an eventful start to my Birthday!

I also went home to see my dad for a couple of days and go to the orthodontist!



May wasn’t as fun-filled as I wanted it to be. Jack and I spent every-day together whenever he wasn’t at work so we just ate food, watched Twin Peaks and just got to know each more.

It was also my Dad’s Birthday this month! I also met Charlie’s girlfriend at the time and the boy’s other best friend, Sam.



Jack and I went exploring a bit more into Derby and Nottingham and just basically spent time together while the Summer was coming fast.

We had cute lunch dates and shopping trips. I think at this point I was working in Bluenote as their photographer.



I moved into my first house (rented with friends from halls!) and I also moved into Jack’s house at the same time! We lived on the same street which was very lucky as we could use both rooms. I also started to take my blog more seriously and post on Blogger more often!

This month was also my Sister’s and my Nan’s birthday!



I decided to make the change over to WordPress! I wanted a change from Blogger and WordPress is easier to use! I don’t regret it one bit!

We got a kitten and named him Regine! He was the cutest ball of fur when he came to us!

I got a job at a shop and began working there for a month! I also was accepted to be an Amazon ambassador for my Uni!



I got two tattoos in one day! Student Finance came in and I knew it was time! I got a geometric heart with a semi-colon in it to signify that my depression didn’t end my life and I got a cup of coffee with a little mountain in it to signify Twin Peaks!

I was able to start my second year at University with a bang! It was also Jack’s birthday so I got him lots of cute presents for his 20th!



I had my first meet up! It didn’t go too badly but it wasn’t the best! I got to meet Beki and Darcy as well that day! I decided to start writing my Blogmas posts this month as well!

Halloween came around and I decided to go out and then the queue was too long for the club so we came home and drank instead! I was able to spend time with the people I love most as well!



It was Matt, Charlie and Bobbi’s birthday so we threw a party and had an amazing night!

I also cut my hair this month! I knew I wanted to go shorter but didn’t know how short I wanted to go as I have always had long hair!

I left my Amazon job because Uni was getting crucial and I needed to focus on my assignments!

We also put the decorations up for Christmas at the end of the month!



Well, I finished my first term as a 2nd Year Film Production Student at Uni! I did all my assignments on time and was baffled by how much I could write when under pressure!

I was able to buy good presents for my friends and family for Christmas! I also spent Christmas with Jack’s family.

I started on my anti-depressants this month and they have helped me a lot! I got such good presents from everyone and I am so thankful for what I got!

The end of the year is near and I hope that the last few days go out with a bang so 2018 can start and I can start becoming a better person for myself and everyone else!


So there is my year! It has been one hell of a year with ups and downs but overall it has been an amazing year and I have so many people to thank because they made it so much better. Thank you to everyone who has supported me this year, you are amazing! I can’t wait to see what 2018 brings for me and all of us but I hope it’s only up from here!

Till Next Time,


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