Blogmas Day 27 | Bucket List by Next Christmas


So as December is coming to an end, I have come up with a Bucket List I want to complete by Christmas 2018! I hope that some of these interest you and I will review this in June (halfway through the year!) and then December! The colour of the text will determine whether it is edited in June or December!

1 . Reached at least 500 followers on WordPress

2. Have at least 100 blog posts published

3. Get two more tattoos

4. Get a piercing

5. Go on Holiday twice

6. Had at least one driving lesson

7. Get to 500 subscribers on YouTube

8. Go for afternoon tea

9. Visit the aquarium

10. Have a decent camera for filming YouTube videos

I was going to like explain why for all of them but I think the list is good for now! I will edit this in June so keep an eye out! I know it’s a long time!

I hope you like my Bucket List and if you are doing one too, let me know what you have put on yours!

Till Next Time


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