Blogmas Day 25 | Favourite Christmas Memories


The day has finally come for families to get together, open gifts and eat a load of turkey! I am so happy that today has finally arrived! Since you probably are full from all that stuffing or vegetables you ate at dinner, I thought I would tell you what my favourite Christmas memories are!

The first Christmas I remember and I think I said about this memory in a previous Blogmas post but I remember my parents cooking dinner and I was in the living room. I put the music channel on, I ate some rose Turkish delight and turned the lights off. I was having a dance party with just the light outside and the fairy lights to help me see where I was. It is probably my favourite Christmas to date. I think I got some barbies that year. I also remember moving my room around on the boxing day. Bear in mind I was around 8 or 9 at this time. I used to move furniture around because I wanted a new layout. I still do it today but not as much.

If you didn’t know, I moved out of my parent’s house when I was 10 and went to live with my nan in January 2010. I remember Christmas 2009 like it was yesterday. I woke up, went to the living room and freaked out that Santa had been (I still believed in him at this time). I waited for my parents and sister to wake up and sit with me. I never realise it but they let me open my presents first because they wanted to make me happy. That’s why parent’s let the kids open their presents first.

Anyway, I remember getting pyjamas from my nan and some other bits and bobs that I can’t remember but I remember getting a pot of sweets and a new Nintendo DS game. I literally was over the moon. I literally played that DS game all Christmas except for when it was time to eat. I remember watching Honey, I Shrunk The Kids as dinner was being served. I was allowed a Snowball (alcoholic drink, although I didn’t know it at the time and I don’t think my parents did either) and I was set. Then I remember sitting down at the table which my dad still has to this day in my new pyjamas watching the Doctor Who Christmas Special with DS in hand and I think I had one of those scratch paintings. It was probably the best Christmas of my childhood. It was also the last Christmas where it was just my dad, my mum, my sister and I.

I remember the Christmas that my mum died. She died on the 8th of that month as well which made it even harder. The other sad thing is that I was in my second year of GCSE’s so I was stressed from that. Even though these things were happening, I remember that Christmas as being a really nice one. My aunt spent Christmas with us that year mainly because of mum’s funeral but I don’t think I had ever had a Christmas with her, if that isn’t true, it is just cause I can’t remember it. I got a phone that year and I finally felt I would be okay. Not because I got a phone but a way to contact my friends who supported me.

The last memory I have which I love is last Christmas. I left home not long before I came to Uni and my dad let me live with him in August last year. It was just him and I that year and I was put with the task of cooking the lunch. Honestly, it was one of the most stressful things I have ever done! I cooked so much food and there was still loads left over for boxing day.

So there are a few of my favourite Christmas memories! I love Christmas if you couldn’t tell by Blogmas!

Till Next Time!


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