Blogmas Day 24 | Tanya’s Treats – Review


It is Christmas Eve! Tomorrow’s the big day and I couldn’t be more excited! Today I thought I would do a review of a Festive product and that is the Advent calendar that Tanya Burr came out with called Tany’as Treats. It is a 12-day advent calendar and it was originally priced at £30 but I luckily got it for £8 yesterday!

So on with the review!

I was so excited to get this as I haven’t tried Tanya’s make-up line at all so I was extremely raring to open it when I got home.


I really the packaging of this. It is really Christmassy and I really like the rose gold metallic colour. It came wrapped in a plastic sleeve which I really adore as then the products don’t get poked in the shop and broken.

DAY 1: Nail Polish – Festive Red


I recently got rid of most of my old nail polish so I was so happy to get a red in the advent calendar. I really like the colour of this and although you do have to do a few coats, you get a nice look on the nails. I would say the polish is brighter than the look of the bottle but I still like it!

DAY 2: Lipgloss – Cranberry Mist


Ahh, a lip product! I know there is three but I didn’t know the colours and seeing this I absolutely love it so much! I think even though it is small, there is still a good 20 uses out of this, maybe more. The colour is so pigmented and I really love how gorgeous this is.

DAY 3: Glitter Liner – Gold


I am not one to be bold with eyeliner, I literally have black but seeing other people incorporate glitter liner into their looks now has made me want to try it myself. 2006 me is screaming to put it everywhere but I’m holding myself back. I really love the colour of this and it looks very pigmented!

DAY 4: Nail Polish – Glitter Rain


I loooooove this nail polish! It looks like such a nice top coat and a wearable shade on its own. I like that there is a range of colours for the polishes and they all are festive themed (they would cause Christmas?) but they also suit New Year as well.

DAY 5: Lip Gloss – Pink Fondant


I do like the look of this gloss as it is a pink lipgloss with a peachy undertone. I do like the way the glosses look in terms of colour. I think they would suit a lot of skin tones.

DAY 6: Glitter Liner – Silver


Like the gold liner, I would definitely take a risk with this liner. I really like the pigmentation and it looks like it would be stunning with the cranberry lip gloss.

DAY 7: Glitter Pot – Let It Snow

I love glitter and I am so happy that there is some glitter included in this advent calendar. This one is pearl white and it looks so magical and definitely, a must have for Christmas Day.

DAY 8: Mini Handbag Mirror


I never carry a mirror as I use my phone most of the time but it will come in very handy when I go travelling on a train or somewhere where I need to do my makeup but don’t have a full mirror.

DAY 9: Lipgloss – Ice Queen


I love me a clear gloss and this one is beautiful! It would look so nice with the glitter over a normal gloss or matte liquid lipstick. The pigmentation of this one for the glitter as well is really good and I really like the size of it. It’s almost like these products are travel size?

DAY 10: Nail File


I already have nail files so I don’t really need this one but I do find it handy to hand. It was really hard to get out of the package which annoyed me a bit. I do like it, I just think it could have been something different.

DAY 11: Glitter Pot – Midnight Magic


This glitter pot is black and if you know me, I love the colour black. Glitter + black = my dream! I cannot wait to try this out and get glitter everywhere and see it everywhere for the rest of my life!

DAY 12: Nail Polish – Glitter Frosting


I’m actually buzzing that a gold nail polish is the last item in the advent calendar. It kind of reminds me of the end of the calendar/end of the year as gold reminds me of NYE. The colour looks super pigmented and I love the glitter flecks in there as well.

Overall, I am happy I waited till just before Christmas as I wouldn’t personally pay £30 for this. I do think all of the products are really good but they’re mini-sized and there is only 12. I do like all the products and the makeup looks very pigmented but instead of things like the nail file and mirror, I think I would have loved maybe a single eyeshadow or a pencil liner or something small.

Did anyone else get this? What were your thoughts on it?

Till Next Time,


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