Blogmas Day 20 | Dear Santa…


5 days till Christmas! I know I have done a wish list but this is a little different. I hope you enjoy this post!

Dear Santa,

These are the things I would like this year:

  • Marriage equality in ALL countries
  • Body shaming to not be a thing anymore
  • Society’s view of the “normal” body type to change to ALL BODY TYPES as everyone has a different type of body
  • Mental health conditions to be taken more seriously like physical conditions
  • Trump to be impeached
  • Bullying to stop or to decrease
  • University fees to go back to £9000
  • Maintenance Grants for students to come back
  • Find a cure for cancer

I think that is it?

Oh and a pony, please!

So yeah, If you can get me all that Santa, you’d be the greatest man in the world!

Some of these won’t happen but I hope they do in the coming years. What do you want from Santa this year?

Till Next Time


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