Blogmas Day 18 | Secret Santa Opening


So about a month ago, the girls and I (Check out their blogs; Lauren, Beki and Darcy) decided to do a Secret Santa! I got Lauren and you can see what I got her over on her blog!

Anyway! Beki had me and I must say this was the most amazing presented present I have seen in a long time!


I absolutely loved the packaging so thank you Beki for making it so pretty for me! I loved the card as well cause glitter!


When I opened the box, it was so cute! There were chocolate coins and candy canes, a red bell, a pouch and a brush.

As you can see from the pouch, Beki got me a cute travel set of mini Morphe brushes which I actually love more than anything! If you didn’t know, I am getting more into makeup so this was so thoughtful to get this! I have never had some of these brushes so I am very excited to use them!


Beki also said on the card that she included her favourite eye brush which is the M139! I cannot wait to try these out and basically have better brushes!


And last but not least, Beki included these little chocolates and candy canes into the box which I love! The presentation of this Secret Santa is so cute and thank you Beki for getting me these, I love them!

If you wanna check out Beki’s blog click here!

Till Next Time!


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