Blogmas Day 16 | Christmas Jumper Wishlist

Ahhh Over half way through Blogmas and December! If you enjoying my posts, please do let me know in the comments what your favourite post has been so far!

With Christmas comes the cold and what better way to warm up than to buy a Christmas Jumper! So here is my wishlist for this year’s contenders!

JumpersNumber 1 and 4 are from Primark. 1 says “Everyday I’m sleighing it” and honestly, I want it so much and it has sequins! I just like bad Christmas jumpers! Number 2 is more subtle and just a nice pattern really.

Number 2 is from ASOS and I really like the different coloured Ho’s! Plus SEQUINS!

Number 3 is from Boohoo and it has the reference from Home Alone so how could I not love it! I also like how it looks really big and comfy!

What Christmas jumpers are you getting this year?

Till Next Time!


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