Blogmas Day 13 | Woman’s Gift Guide


So today is my gift guide for women this Christmas! These gifts range in price which I will tell you! You can also click on the name of the product to be taken to the website! I hope you enjoy my gift guide and gain some ideas from this for someone in your life! If you want to check out the products mentioned, just click on the name at the top!

I have split my gift guides into two parts; the first is my top picks for this year and the second part is other things you can buy.

Detox Cards

Even though these can be bought for men and women and they will be in both gift guides I really like these cards. They help us look at our relationship with technology and I think this is a good present as it helps that person who is always glued to their phone see what may be happening with their relationship with technology. You can help her GoFundMe campaign if you click on the link above. When you buy the cards you also get the following:

  • 30 days Digital Detox course
  • Your name on thank you page
  • E-book version (pdf)
  • First 50 pages of the book
  • and 3 more items

Morphe palette


35T 35 Color Taupe Palette

Source: BeautyBay


If you have a woman who loves her makeup and especially eyeshadow then look no further than a Morphe palette. These have really big pans and include up to 35 eyeshadows in the bigger palettes. This taupe one is perfect for this time of year and the golds that Morphe produce are so pigmented and just perfect for this time of year!

Thankful Mail

Thankful Mail is a company that design thank you cards. I am again putting this on both blog posts so people know about this company. Their designs are so unique and look much more individual to a thank you card you would find in a shop. These are super handy, especially just after Christmas! You pay around £6 ($8) per month to get a collection of unique thank you cards. You also get free worldwide shipping! What could be better than free shipping and unique cards you can send to anyone!

Cashmere Bed Socks


Cosy Christmas Mohair Or Cashmere Bed Socks

Source: Not On The High Street


I saw these on Not On The High Street and wanted them! We all love being cosy especially at this time of the year but these are cashmere which means there’s a whole lotta soft! I love getting socks now as I am always wanting to keep my feet warm and I would definitely recommend these for the woman who always wants socks or to keep their feet warm!

Other Picks:

  1. Grey Faux Fur Hood Coat; £25, Primark
  2. ‘Be…’ Mug Collection; £14.95, Catherine Colebrook (NOTHS)
  3. Harlow Velvet O-Ring Ankle Boots; £31.50, Urban Outfitters
  1. Emma Structured Cross Hatch Tote Bag; £15, Boohoo
  2. ‘Don’t Let Today Be A Waste Of Make Up’ Bag; £10, Rock On Ruby (NOTHS)
  3. ASOS Marble Phone Case and Mesh Watch Gift Set; £25, ASOS

So there are my picks for this year’s Woman’s Gift Guide! I hope you enjoyed this post as I have never done something like this before!

TIll Next Time!


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