Blogmas Day 11 | Favourite Christmas Candles


11 days gone already? It seems to be going to so fast! For today’s post, I have some of my favourite Christmas candles from this year into a post! So, enjoy!

No:25 Winter Spice, Frosted Cinnamon – Primark, £1.00


This candle is so good! It is small but the price is so little! The smell just reminds me of Christmas markets and Christmas food! I light this probably every few days now in my room just to get that Christmas smell into the room!

Febreze Frosted Pine – Savers £2.25

I absolutely love this candle! It is green and the smell is just amazing! It reminds me of taking walks in the cold around Christmastime. I absolutely love the smell this gives off and it makes me want to curl up in bed, grab a hot chocolate and watch a movie. It is cheap but it is a bigger candle than the Primark one.

Primark Frosted Woodland, Fresh Pine and Juniper Berry – £3

Now, this looks purple in the photos but it is actually grey. It’s probably because it is lit and the lighting in our bedroom is shocking! Anyway, I really love this candle and I think it may be my favourite of the all of them because the smell of it is amazing. It smells like an open fireplace!

Primark Mandarin, Verbena & Lime – £3


I know I know it isn’t really a Christmas scent but it does remind me of the days when I would walk to use in the fresh air. It gives me fall vibes! I really do like this candle as it is a big votive so you get up to 30 hours of burn time.

So those are my favourite candles this Christmas! I hope you can still get all of them as they are so beautiful and they smell gorgeous!

Till Next Time!




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