Blogmas Day 8 | Top 10 Christmas YouTube Videos


Day 8! Today, I am going to showing you my top 10 favourite Christmas YouTube videos. These will consist of music videos, vlogs and other things! I hope you enjoy and let’s start the countdown!

10. Christmas Carol CAPTION FAIL

I only watched this last year but it is so funny and I love watching Rhett and Link and knowing they have done this is so good! I love Christmas Carols and seeing them sing the YouTube Closed Caption lyrics is even funnier! Definitely, check it out!

9. The Top Christmas Videos of Studio C

This video is an hour long collection of sketches from Studio C. They’re really funny and really nice to watch this time of year. I love comedy and Christmas so both combined is just a win!

8. Michael Buble Christmas

You can’t have Christmas without Buble! Honestly, Buble has a beautiful voice and will be replaying his music every week!

7. Santa’s Coming For Us – Sia

It’s just come out and there is no video yet but I already love this song and it definitely has to be on this list! Ahhh! Bring on Christmas!

6. The Scrubs Cast perform Charlie Brown Christmas

This video is bloody hilarious! I love the humour and the way it fits is so good! I definitely love playing this video. It’s short but so good!

5. Ariana Grande – Santa Tell Me Music Video

I love this music video! It is one of my favourite Christmas songs and the video is just perfect. It is shot really nicely and I probably watch it every year to get me in the Christmas mood!

4. Zoella’s Vlogmas 2015 Day 1

Now I saw this video when it came out and whenever I think of Zoella’s Vlogmas, this video always pops up into my mind. It is just so cute and when they put the tree up, I feel like Christmas is here. I think following a YouTuber’s Vlogmas is fun because you can see what they do for their Christmas and if they have any traditions.

3. White Winter Hymnal – Pentatonix (Fleet Foxes Cover) – Pentatonix

I love this cover and especially the way it is performed with just hands and voices!

2. ‘All I Want for Christmas’ Carpool

Now I love a good sing along especially at Christmas and Mariah Carey is the way to go. Literally, I sing along as there’s Adele, Demi Lovato, Lady Gaga and Selena Gomez and it is just a fun song when you have a collaboration like that.

1. Merry Christmas Everyone – Shakin Stevens

My favourite Christmas song and the video is so good! I love watching this every year and rejoicing that is it Christmas once again. It is also the song that reminds me of my Christmasses with my mum. I miss her so much and this song reminds me of those times with her.

So there we go, my top 10 Christmas YouTube videos! If some of these are your favourites too, let me know below!

See You Tomorrow!


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