Blogmas Day 4 | Christmas Q&A!

Welcome to Blogmas Day 4! I hope you’re all enjoying the posts so far! Today I thought I would share my #AskKitKat Christmas Q&A. I asked you guys back in October some Christmas related question for this post so let’s go!

Question: What’s your favourite Christmas Song?

Answer: My favourite Christmas song? Oh god, this is hard. I have so many! I think my favourite would have to Fairytale in New York by The Pogues or Santa Tell Me by Ariana Grande. I love both of these songs, FINY reminds me of my mum and dad singing it at Christmas one time and it was so cute! Santa Tell Me is a beautiful song and I love Ariana!

Q: What is your favourite thing to do at Christmas?

A: My favourite thing to do is eat? So I would say Christmas dinner but I also just love watching films with the family. I haven’t had a normal Christmas for around 2-3 years so I am hoping that this year will be different and Jack and I can start traditions! I also love seeing when people open their presents from me as I try to get them presents that are sentimental to them.

Q: Do you have any Christmas traditions?

A: I don’t think I do to be honest. I wish I did but my Christmases were a little different. My nan used to cook these like mincemeat slabs which were the bomb and I hope to keep that in my Christmasses as the years go on. I wanna go to a Christmas Market each year for a tradition so hopefully, Jack and I can start doing that. When I used to live with my mum and dad, every Christmas we would have a night where we would go on a drive to see the Christmas lights that people have put up. It is the best memory of Christmas that I have to be honest.

Q: What is your favourite Christmas Movie?

A: Well it kind of is Christmas but The Nightmare Before Christmas is something I watch every year to get me out of the Halloween blues and into the Christmas spirit! I love Elf and it was my favourite childhood Christmas that I used to watch all the time so that would probably be my favourite.

Q: What is your favourite Christmas drink?

A: It would have to be either a Black Forest hot chocolate from Costa (they are so beautiful and the Christmas cups are so cute!) or Mulled Wine because I like alcohol and I love the taste of it. I also like going to see the lights turn on with a cup of mulled wine.

Q: Do you have a favourite Vlogmas you’ve watched?

A: I loved watching Zoella’s Vlogmas the past two years! She loves Christmas and I think we have the same love and adore towards it. I love watching her and Alfie put the tree up and decorate their house. I don’t think she is doing it this year but I hope to see a video where they decorate their new house cause lord that’s gonna take so long! I haven’t really watched anyone else’s Vlogmas which is really sad but I hope I can find some to watch this year!

So there is my Q&A for this blog post! Thank you to everyone who asked me questions! I hope you are all enjoying KitKat’s Blogmas! I also will be posting hopefully some Christmas videos and vlogs in this month, so subscribe to my YouTube channel to keep up to date with when they are uploaded here.

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Till Tomorrow!


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