Blogmas Day 2 | Christmas Bucket List

So if you’re like me and you adore Christmas, you may be thinking of what to do this year and so am I! I was thinking of how I can make this the best Christmas ever but also complete some things that I want to do this holiday! So let the bucket list commence! Also if you have done or are going to do some of these things, let me know down in the comments!

  • Put up a tree in the house
    • As many of you may know, I live in a house now! I technically live at my boyfriends down the road as I stay with him a lot but I do have my own house up the road as well! So I am hoping to put a tree up in my boyfriend’s house and all the decorations.
  • Buy at least 3 Christmas scented candles
    • I love candles so much and I bought a nice one from Primark back in September and it smells so nice as I love cinnamon. It is red as well so it resembles Christmas and it’s so cute and small. The Yankee Christmas candles look beautiful and smell amazing so hopefully, I can get a few of them! Even if I get wax melts, they will still be good!
  • Make my own hot chocolate
    • In past years, I’ve just opted for Cadburys or Galaxy’s powder hot chocolate that you just add liquid too but I really wanna try and make my own as I love cooking and homemade hot chocolate seems like it will be better than the powder!
  • Go to a Christmas Market
    • I love Christmas and the markets that are around at this time are amazing! I am hopefully going with the girls to the Birmingham one or a more central one to all of us in December so I am buzzing to do Christmas shopping with some of my favourite girls! The food is to die for too!
  • Write a Christmas-themed script
    • If you didn’t already know, I study a Film Production degree and scriptwriting is one of my modules that I adore and I would love to write a script for a Christmas film! If you have any ideas, let me know in the comments!
  • Watch a panto or Christmas play!
    • Again, I love acting and pantos so if I can drag Jack and our friends to one this month, it would be magical! I seriously miss going to them and they just fill my heart with joy watching a play or panto.
  • Take a photo each day
    • I want to build up my Photography portfolio so taking a photo each day this month will help me do that and also show Christmas in a different light and in a different place for me this year. As I am staying in Derby, it will be so different but nice. I do like change so I hope we can carry on the tradition of like a friend’s Christmas for years to come.
  • Do the whole shebang on Christmas Day
    • Now back in September, Charlie, my housemate ran upstairs and said and I quote “were doing the whole shebang, advent calendars, stockings, movies and drinking games” and honestly I was so excited and I couldn’t wait for December and I will put the pictures up of the “shebang” on my Instagram if anyone wants to see what we have done!

So there we go, my Christmas bucket list! I am looking forward to ticking these off and doing all of these exciting things!

If you’ve got anything else on your Christmas bucket list that you do, let me know what below!

See You Tomorrow!


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