Bakerdays – Letterbox Cake


Well, this is my last review of the year I think! I am so excited to go out with a bang with this one so thank you to Bakerdays for this opportunity! Although they have sent me one of their products, my views are honest and all my own.

So the very kind people over at Bakerdays sent me one of their letterbox cakes and you all know by now how much I love food and especially cake!

When I opened the package I was so excited to see it had a little Christmas cracker in the box! it had a little hat, a joke and little toy it in. I was really happy to see this as they were really kind to add that to my box!


This was really cute and I really appreciated it as I did ask for a Christmassy design! I really liked the tin as well. It kept the cake moist and cool. I also have kept the tin and I will be using it for other things so that a really good plus of this as well!

The design of the cake is really cute and I really love that is it so clear to see! It was perfect as to how it was made and how the design of the icing was so precise. I really liked how they asked me what I wanted and took my words and made it into something that is really cute! Now I don’t know if they knew about my blog header being blue or it’s a coincidence but I found it really touching as they made the cake bespoke to me.

These cakes are small ones as they can fit through letterboxes so they are a great gift for someone if they love cake and mail! I would love one of these for my Birthday and Christmas presents as they are the cutest. I thought it would be small but it was quite big! They can range from £14-19 depending on the design and the filling in the cake but honestly, this is such a cool present and I will be definitely using this company in the future!


I chose the fruitcake and I was so pleased with my choice! It wasn’t dry, it had a lot of flavours and tasted really good. Combined with the icing made it such a tasty cake and I am so happy I was offered this opportunity!

I really enjoyed this cake and it was very tasty and I love good cakes and this was definitely one of my favourites that is bespoke to the customer.

Thank you to Bakerdays for giving me this opportunity, I really enjoyed the cake and I hope you guys will try it as well!

Till Next Time!




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