+Protein Water | Review


I know I have been doing a lot of reviews this month and I am astounded by how many I have done so apologies from me but there is so much good stuff I want you guys to know about! I have two more reviews of this month and today’s is +Protein Water. Now the kind Jess from Palm PR contacted me and asked if I wanted to review this. So let’s get on with the review!

Now if you know me, I rarely go to the gym and I drink a lot of energy drinks and I did some research before the water arrived. It said it doesn’t matter whether you go to the gym or not, you can drink them for an energy boost. I honestly need that energy with deadlines approaching and in a healthier way than caffeine so I was really excited to get these! They sell for an RRP of £2.35 per bottle and can be found on their website!


Now these bottles I love! They’re very big and you get 500ml of drink per bottle. Palm PR kindly sent me three flavours; Grapefruit & Yuzu, Cranberry & Raspberry and Coconut & Mango. I love the sound of all the flavours and I was so excited to try these.


The first one I tried was the Grapefruit and Yuzu one and I was hit with a wave of flavours. I could definitely taste the Grapefruit but I didn’t know what Yuzu tasted like and there was a sourness to the drink so I think it was that. I did like this one but it wasn’t for me. I wouldn’t drink it due to the sourness of it but if you like that, then definitely go for it.

I think these have a nicer look to them than protein shakes as I probably would never near the shakes. I can taste the protein a little in them a lot and I really like that. I have had protein drinks before and the protein in them has been present but they tasted like iron and with these drinks, you just get the flavour of the fruits.


The next one I tried was the Cranberry & Raspberry one and I really liked this one! It tasted like yoghurt and I really enjoyed it! You can taste the fruit so much and I really like how the flavour of the fruits overpower the taste of the protein.


Last but not least was the Coconut & Mango drink. I was hit with a strong coconut flavour and a lot of sourness from the mango for some reason. It was a good drink but I personally wouldn’t drink it. It again tasted like yoghurt which I kinda really liked.

Overall I do like these drinks and they are really good for in the gym but I personally wouldn’t buy them as they’re too sour for me. I definitely would recommend them to anyone who does need a new drink for the gym! Thank you again to Palm PR fo sending me these!

Till Next Time!


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