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I can’t believe this is the last Time to Talk post of the year! I won’t be doing it through December as Blogmas is every day but I may do it every two weeks from the New Year! So for the final one and it seems fitting as deadlines are soon approaching for those who are studying, you guys chose a post on how to de-stress.

I have come up with a list of things to help you de-stress and relax so you feel better when you need to take a step away from everything and have some “you” time.

Take a bath


I always find if I’m stressed, a bath can sort that right out. Get a nice drink, some candles, a bath bomb and some music and you’re set! I always put a playlist for sleeping on because the soft sounds make the bath even more enjoyable! If the candles are scented, these are even better as you can have a beautiful nice-smelling bath!

Have some tea


Tea is always good in a stressful situation! Take some time away from the work and have a cuppa! If you prefer fruit or green tea, even better as this can refresh you and still give you some caffeine! Tea is always good if you have a lot of stuff to do. Even if you want to still do some work or do something, have a cup of tea near you instead of a fizzy drink! Water is also good as well!

Eat a nutritious meal


Believe it or not but eating a nutritious meal with vegetables and some meat can help you relax and make you fuller than say a takeaway which you may want. The nutrients from the meal can help give you energy and also clear your mind. I also find I think better when I have eaten as my brain is less tired.

Do something you enjoy


Everyone once in a while, take a break from what you’re doing and breath. Do something you enjoy like listening to music or going for a walk. Let that calm your brain down ready for the next hurdle you need to tackle. A clear mind means you can work properly. I sometimes clean as it helps to de-clutter my mind and get me in the zone for my next task. If you enjoy exercise, go to the gym or for a run as this can release endorphins and make you feel more focused.

There are some other things you can do to take a break and let the stress dissolve from your body such as:

  • Taking a nap or laying down – this helps relax both your mind and body
  • Colouring – I find this extremely helpful as it takes my mind off the stress to concentrate on the colouring
  • Seeing friends – Friends can cheer you up and also make you feel better about the stress that you have at the moment
  • Watching your favourite film or TV show – it can take your mind off the stress and put you in a happier mood

These are just a few tips to help you out and hopefully help you de-stress!

Till Next Time


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