Ibiza Ice Sparking Wine | Review


So the other day I got a parcel from Ibiza Ice and they sent me their sparkling wine to try and do a review of! Thank you to Ibiza Ice for sending me these! Even though they did send these to me, my views on a product are always honest. Now I am not a big lover of wine but I was eager to try these as they’re sparking and I loved the sound of the flavours!

When the package arrived, I was amazed that it was all white and there was the brand logo on it. The packaging is slick and smooth. I honestly love it! When you open the box, there are these little symbols on the side of the box which tell you the good things about the drink like it being Low-Calorie and that the drinks have natural flavours in them.

I really like this as it already tells you why the product is good and it is very modern. They retail with an RRP of £2.49 per bottle on DrinkSupermarket.com and £3.99 per bottle on Amazon. Both drinks have a reduced alcohol content of 5.5% ABV. I really like this as you can have a few and enjoy them without getting too tipsy.

When I opened the box, there was a leaflet inside telling me what the flavours were,  how to serve them, a description for both flavours, how they designed the bottles and how the bottles are environmentally friendly. I really liked this as it told me a lot of stuff for the drinks. I like that the bottles have ring pull caps as I normally don’t have a bottle opener to hand!

So the first flavour I tried was called White Isle which was the white bottle. If you saw my Instagram story a few days ago, I did say I loved the look of this bottle. The design is really pretty and slick. I love the gold writing as well. This one is around 100 calories (60 calories per 100ml) which I was astounded because is it sparkling so if you wanted a low-calorie wine with a bit of sparkle this is the one to go for.


Onto to the taste. Again I don’t like wine which I was hesitant that I would pull a face but I was pleasantly surprised as it tasted amazing. It is very sweet which I really like. My palette was very happy! I really like the flavours as well, you can taste the sweetness of the Lychee and Melon and then there’s a small kick of lime as the aftertaste.

The other one they sent me was the pomegranate flavoured one. I love pomegranate so much so I was so excited about this one! The packaging of this one is again so beautiful and I love how the red is vibrant! The flavour of the sparkling wine was so good! It was very strong and I really liked it.


I do prefer the lychee, lime and melon drink to the pomegranate as I prefer the sweetness but overall, both drinks are really tasty and refreshing. I didn’t put them in the fridge either and the aluminium bottles kept both of them cool.

I really liked these drinks and I will be definitely buying them again! Thank you to Ibiza Ice for sending me these! You can find them here!

Till Next Time!

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