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For this week you voted recent news so I thought I wouldn’t do one topic but a couple. I will be talking about Zoella and Hollywood and my view as a female filmmaker. The Hollywood topic is obviously sensitive so I am just clarifying that now.

So I have waited a few days to talk about this in detail but I have spoken a little bit about this on my Twitter.

Yes, her advent calendar was VERY overpriced but looking at the law, she wouldn’t have had any control over the price when it went to retailers unless she demanded it to be a certain price and to me, Zoella doesn’t seem like that kind of person. Yes, she could have argued that it was too much and asked for it to be lowered but she didn’t. This could be because of a number of things which we don’t know.

Her explanation for the price wasn’t the best I have to say and even though this has happened, I still watch her videos. I don’t watch them religiously but from time to time I have a dabble. I will not be buying the calendar but that is because I just don’t want it.

From this whole calendar controversy came those horrible tweets. I do not condone that kind of language from anyone and yes, I was taken aback by what she had said and I thought they were new tweets. They were from 7-8 years ago. People can change over a number of years. If anyone wants to scroll through my Twitter and find tweets where I was sad over my exes all those years ago, go right ahead because I was a different person to how I am now. People do change and I do believe that Zoella has changed since then. She doesn’t seem like a horrible person and yes, we don’t know what she says off camera but I suspect nothing like that.

So to conclude, I don’t condone anything she said but I believe she hasn’t changed and if she hasn’t, she’s hiding it well.

Anyway, that is my thoughts on the whole of the Zoella situation.

Onto the next topic which has been in the news and that is Hollywood. By now you will have read about Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey and the allegations towards them.  I just wanted to talk about this and how as a female filmmaker, it scares me to go into the Film Industry.

When I first heard about all of this, I was really shocked. My stomach came up into my mouth and I felt awful. The people affected have gone through so much and it really hurts my heart to know these people in high places have done such awful things. I thought Kevin Spacey was such a nice guy but obviously, from what has been said, he is definitely not.

I did put this on my Twitter but I am a victim of online grooming. It happened when I was 11/12 and although I am wiser now, I didn’t really know what was happening at that time. I was thrown into counselling for it as well, I wasn’t allowed a phone for around 2-3 years so it was a tough time for me as I lived so far away from my friends. Anyway, knowing that these people have come forward and talked about what happened to them helped me to tell people about what happened to me.

To those who have come out and told the world what has happened whether that be a person of high power or not, you are so brave. I look up to you. You are so strong and amazing.

Now to those who do these awful things. I have nothing to say that will cover what I feel. All I can say is I think you are disgusting and should be behind bars.

As a female filmmaker, I was so excited to try and get into the industry and now, I am apprehensive. I am scared that something like this could happen to me or someone who I work with. I was always scared that someone could do this to anyone including my friends but as someone who wants to be in the film industry, I am more scared than ever. It won’t stop me from achieving my dream but I am hesitant to follow it.

I honestly am so disheartened to hear more stories come out each day about these actors and producers. I am happy people are coming forward so we can do something about what is going on.

What are your thoughts on the topics above?

Do you think Zoella has changed?

Till Next Time!

7 thoughts on “Recent News | It’s Time to Talk

  1. I totally agree with everything you’ve written about Zoe, quite frankly we may know her from what we see on camera but in reality there is so much we as viewers don’t know and see.
    So sorry to hear about your experience and I think it is absolutely horrid that people who have such power take advantage of it. It disgusts me. xx

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  2. I so agree with you about Zoella, the tweets weren’t very nice but still so much changes in 7/8 years. It’s so awful that these people have had to suffer for so long but I’m so glad they’re finding the strength now to talk about it.
    I can understand why you’re feeling apprehensive about the film business now, we’ve just got to hope that all these people coming forward may actually change it a bit.
    I hope you do achieve your dream though. I think it’s easy for us to sort of assume we know these celebrities to a degree as they seem like really nice people which makes it shocking but most of the time we don’t know them at all. Sorry for such a rambly comment haha. Also I am so sorry about your experience, I was sexually assulated a few years ago and it’s just so scary to think how many people will be effected by it in their lives. xx

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