My First Kiko Products | Review


Today is going to be a review of some Kiko products I bought back in September! I had never used Kiko before but I had bought it for other people. Jack actually bought me them but I picked them out so thank you to him for letting me get some cute products!

Bright Quartet Baked Eyeshadow Palette – 01


I have been obsessed with buying eyeshadow palettes recently and I knew I wanted one when I went into the store. I prefer gold and browns when it comes to my lids as I love the colours plus they’re very autumnal. I found this quartet after asking a staff member and there were three shades but this is the one that looked like my colour the most.

The shadows are pigmented but not as much as I would like. As you can see in the photo above, they have not shown up as well as they could have. On the eye like the photo below, they need to be built up to see the colour. I do like the lighter eyeshadows as they seem more pigmented when swatching, it is just hard to catch them in the light. I do love the dark gold pan in this palette because the colour is beautiful and it blends well with the other colours.


Overall I do like this palette and have used it a few times. I do love the way all the shadows blend together easily and this could be an everyday makeup must have!

Fall 2.0 Highlighter – 01 Gold in Progress


Now, this is a beautiful highlighter! It is my first ever as well and I am pretty pleased with my choice. When you swatch onto your finger, the pigmentation is very high. I love the shimmer in it and you get a lot of product. When you swatch it onto your arm or even put it on the face, you have to build it up otherwise you can’t really see it. I couldn’t get a photo of it on my face as it just didn’t catch the light. I do really like this highlighter but I wish it could have shown up a lot more on camera. I think it is a subtle highlight and it would be okay for an everyday makeup routine.

Smart Fusion Lipstick – 436 and accompanying Lip Liner – 536


I don’t really wear non-matte lipstick but I was willing to give this a try because I loved the colour! It is a greyish brown and it looks so good! The formula of both products is really creamy and it doesn’t dry out my lips. I really like how it isn’t that sticky as well.


I love the way the colour suits me as well. I think this lipstick and lip liner is really good value as well and they both are under £5 and for Kiko, that is cheap! I would definitely recommend the Smart Fusion lipsticks!

Instant Colour Matte Liquid Lip Colour – 04


Last but no means least is a matte liquid lipstick! I had to get one, there was no stopping me! This one is a nice dark purple. The packing is really cool as well! The liquid lipstick itself is nice, it isn’t too sticky and doesn’t dry out my lips too much. It also dries really quickly which is really good! I really am happy with how it stays on my lips as well, it doesn’t come off as quickly as previous liquid lipsticks I have had. It isn’t blotchy either. I like to make sure there are a few coats on my lips to make sure it isn’t patchy as well.


Now I don’t know if there is a lip liner to this, I think there is but the lip colour itself was around £8 so I decided not to buy it. I honestly think I don’t need the liner that much either as the colour is so strong. I really like this and will buy it again when it runs out!

Overall, I love all of the products I bought and I hope to buy some more soon! They are so affordable and you get a lot for how much each product is!

Till Next Time!

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