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So if you haven’t seen my Twitter, I now have a blog schedule! Normal blog posts will be published on Tuesdays at 8pm and Sundays at 6pm. Friday will be a dedicated slot to my series It’s Time to Talk at 7pm. Anyway, let’s get on with the post!

So I saw this on my sister’s blog she had done this so I decided to join in and then tag other people to do it! All you have to do is copy the sentences and put your own truth there!

The First Time I….

Had a party – I was around 10 and I remember getting a new CD from a car boot I think and I got some snacks and juice and basically invited four people and threw a mini party in my room. It was bad but the memory has stuck with me forever.

Had an operation – I don’t remember if I had any operations when I was younger but I did have to have my thumb stitched up and put in a cast of some sort cause I trapped it in a car door when I was helping my mum deliver Betterware (don’t ask) catalogues to people.

Went to a party – Oh man… Okay so I think this is a memory but I am seriously not sure at this point in my life aha! The first party I went to was my best friend’s birthday party when I think she was 6? I’m not sure but after that, I didn’t go to any, I don’t think. The next one I went to was when I was 17 and I got completely drunk, fell out my nan’s car and threw up outside my village sign.

Attended a school disco – Taking me back to the good old days. The first disco I remember was probably the Valentines Disco at school. It was so bad, they cancelled them after like two years of me being there cause no one really attended anything except the Christmas Ball.

Drank Alcohol – Oh lord I have no clue, I think when I was younger, my mum and dad used to give me Snowballs (an alcoholic drink with Advocaat and lemonade) at Christmas but I thought they were alcohol-free…. turns out they were not.

Smoked – I had my first cigarette when I was 17 on NCS. I don’t know why I decided to have it but I did.

Kissed a guy –  It was with my first boyfriend and I was around 11. I was so nervous and I remember it for some reason. I literally was so nervous as no one paid attention to me because I was always the fat kid.

Attended a wedding – If anyone you don’t know, I was born before my parents married. So yeah, I attended my parent’s wedding when I was around 13 months old. Fun fact, they got married on my Dad’s birthday which is kind of really cute.

Had a boyfriend – I was 11 and it lasted like 3 months I think? I am really not sure because it was 7 years ago aha! I don’t speak to him anymore but I did see him out one night out and was like “great” in the back of my mind.

Posted on Instagram – I have put it below but yeah, It was uploaded on October 6, 2013, with the caption and I quote “Wooo”. Great start to Instagram for me.


Bought Makeup – I actually don’t remember this one. I never used makeup till I was like 14 but it must have either been foundation, mascara or eyeliner.

Got a tattoo/piercing – I haven’t got any piercings but I plan to get one or two next year but my first tattoo was my geometric heart with the semicolon in the middle. I only have two tattoos but I plan to get many more!

Posted a blog post – Jesus this goes back to my old blog before I switched to WordPress this summer. I have been blogging for two years this year and my first post was called “The Last Year” which if you click, you can read. I published this on the 16th October 2015 so yeah I’ve just hit 2 years of blogging!

Ahh looking back on the first time I did things is bringing back some nostalgia and some good memories!

The people I tag are the following and make sure you check out their blogs too!






Hope you all enjoyed reading this blog post!

Till Next Time!

8 thoughts on “The First Time I… Tag

  1. Cool posts!! I was also 11 when i had my first kiss and i was also very nervous 😛 but i kissed a guy I didn’t even like that much, i kissed him cause he was the “bad boy” of the school and all girls had a crush on him

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